Everybody Loves Raymond Season II

I don't usually update the blog on sundays, but I don't foresee having any time tomorrow, so since there's time on my hands now, why not, albeit violation of the sabbath. The highlight of the weekend, without a doubt, has to be dinner last night, ie, saturday night, at the home of wormhole friend of sitcom namesake fame. Now, this is no ordinary home, as the chappie is quite a famous interior designer, and has been featured in many magazines, and newspapers, most recently being THE HAVEN, from the EDGE. I say, I forgot to take pictures of his place to paste here but it was featured in the STAR as well, some months back.

Anyway, Mr ID cooks all the peranakan dishes himself, which the guests lap up like buka puasa time. Lovely salad with edible flowers, to start with, followed by nonya fishcakes, some bak of sorts, a lovely tamarind fish, omelettes extraordinaire, and brinjal in some tangy sauce. Oh dear, I sound very unculinary, coz there are proper names to these things; there goes my career as travel and living writer. Wine flowed, culminating in the popping of a bottle of moet and chandon. Aiya, I forgot to take picture of the food as well!!!! Fail lah, as culinary blog.

Now, the cast of ELR Season One, more or less was established when ID Man first hosted dinner, about 6 months back. Since then, the cast have been getting along extraordinarily well, and have been hosting dinners on a rotation basis, very frightening because the bar keeps getting raised higher and higher. We comprise Mr ID, Ms Enigmatic Smile, also namesake of a Russian Empress, a Korean Japanese looking couple, who are almost young enough to be my children, (had I been very naughty at the onset of puberty), Mr Actuary, aka Mr Fong Fei Kei, (or Airports Malaysia Berhad), one of the Soong sisters and her bf... and mr and mrs fatboybakes.

This time round, coz Mr Fong Fei Kei was doing his, well, fong fei kei, thing, and Mr G weren't around, ID Man invited some guest stars..... Namesake of famous dead Princess of Wales, and young engineer. It's so rare to meet (young) engineers, ESPECIALLY of the civil variety, like moi. Rarer still is to meet engineers who are actually interesting to talk to. So it was one of those rare occasions. Anyway, I'm not sure how comfortable the crew is having their pictures pasted on blogs, so I shall not proceed until I get a unanimous green light. Ooh, one memorable quip was when young engineer asked mrs fatboy, "are you pregnant or ...what?" HAHA, if I were pregnant, and anyone asked me that, I'd say, "are you implying I am fat, young man?"

Meanwhile, there was a kinda dampener in the whole weekend, which happened at roughly 3-4pm on saturday evening..... work related. But I shall not elaborate. Suffice to say, it certainly justified the need to chug down wine and champagne in a haste.

Oh, I brought the chocolate brownie for dessert; had help preparing it, as usual. The sifter, the mixer, and the taster.

On Friday night, one of my college classmates very generously hosted a buffet dinner (hari raya) at the Prince Hotel. First time there. Quite a nice hotel. Five star and all. The old queen, Sultanah of Perak, was also there; I thought the red carpet was for me.


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