Life After Body Attack

It was one of those rare occasions that I was actually late for a pump class, and of all the classes you do NOT want to be late for, Body Pump ranks high up there, because of the time needed to set up the board and the bars and the weights and the mat. To have to weave your way through the labyrinth of pumpers, and to bow your head in total embarrasment, and to manouver your way to find an empty spot, with step board and mat in hand, without hitting anyone, sheeeesh........

Anyway, managed to catch at least 3/4 of the warm up. There was one chappie there who actually had 17½ kg on each side, for the squats track. Wow. Some more he quite tall, looked really precarious. Hmmm, for my own record, my current weights (each side)for body pump at the moment are :
11kg (each side) for squats
7 kg for chest
10kg for back (clean and press)
5 kg for triceps
5kg for biceps
5kg for lunges (I'm sure can load more, but after biceps, usually feel like dying)
2½ kg for shoulders

Let's see if got improvement after another 3 months.

Anyway, after that gruelling body attack class, pump well, seemed like a lot easier. Still, after the biceps track, I feel like I'd rather have done body attack. After that, had to rush through a brief cardio, coz was hitching a ride back from wife, so did 15 quick minutes on the step machine. I don't know how accurate these machines are, for the calorie reader, but according to THAT machine, that 15 minutes burnt 200+ calories wor. That is FANTASTIC, if it's true!!!! But gosh, 15 minutes on stepper, sweat like pig.

I don't know what is wrong with me!!!! Every morning I usually pop in my vitamin C tablet, and since yesterday, also the Tongkat Ali supplement that someone was raving about, as it supposedly cures a host of maladies. This morning, I kept burping garlic, which means, I must have accidentally popped a Garlic Pill instead of vitamin C. Groan, I am going to smell like a dead hainanese chicken marinated in garlic, for the next few hours. Next step, gingko biloba.


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