My Week As A Tai Tai

Sigh, the holidays are over. What is there to look forward to now? Oh, I guess there's Christmas, which yay, falls on a Sunday, so we get two for the price of one. ie, only need to go for one church service that week. [running away and taking cover from the lightning strike]. Then of course, there's the 18th anniversary of my 21st birthday coming up, heralding my last year in the 30s. LTA, if you're reading this, well, one last year, before you and I can say we are in our 30s at the same time.

I can't believe that board games night was only a week ago, and two days. Another sterling account of the event on HL blog. Lovely pictures as well. I particularly like the one of shades and his gf.

Okay, lets recap the tai tai dom.

Monday - Rainy morning, perfect for sleeping in, but baby was up and about. (By baby, I mean the youngest, who is 3). The older two kids had been shipped off for Vacation Bible School. Gosh, monday was so long ago, I can't remember what happened. Must have gone for body pump as usual. The monday instructor is superly efficient, and somehow manages to finish all the 10 tracks in a 45 minute class. He keeps mumbling something about heart attack, in between tracks. Oh, on Monday night, we were invited to a big shot's wife's family home for a home cooked nonya dinner, which consisted lovely tau yew bak, urm, ju hu char?, sambal prawns....Aiyo, really needed some serious group X after that.

Met some really nice people at the dinner party. Very weird relationships some people have, but I shall not elaborate here.

Tuesday - DEEPAVALI. Brought the baby to check out his older siblings in the vacation bible school. They were making pizza from the play dough we made earlier last week. Son was painstakingly making his pepperoni pieces from the red playdough and used the blue playdough as blue cheese. Now normally, we know that if a kid says blue cheese, he means blue cheese coz the playdough is blue, but in this case, the boy really meant blue cheese, as in that smelly blue veined cheese.

Deepavali lunch at the Reenas; her mother is chinese, so alas, so was the food. Very good food though. The thing about public holidays, the gym closes at 5pm. By the time you're done eating, there's no time to work it out. So had to resort to the old methods of following my old Aussie Fit Cross Trainer video at home. Actually, that following that video works out a real good sweat, coz it incorporates weights, cardio, squats, lunges, etc etc... in a 50 minute workout. Oh, had gone for a massage before that as well.

At night, brought the kids to that fun fair next to 1 utama. Quite a good one, though you get what you pay for. Caused quite a dent in the wallet. Entrance fees was RM3 for adult, and RM1 for kids, but each ride was minimum RM4. (2 tokens, each token is RM2).

Blew my entire first lot of tokens on the ferris wheel ride, which is one of the biggest I've been, and for the first time, I actually felt a chilling sensation in my groin, from the height.

The CHALLENGER ride looks fantastic, (I donno how to insert video clips here), but I couldn't leave the Tai Tou Por with three kids while I went on a joyride.

Wednesday - Drastic times calls for drastic action. Went for a body step class in the morning, and body pump AND body combat in the evening. I am taking a liking for Body Step, and considering it was only my 2nd or 3rd time, I reckon I did alright. The rest of wednesday is a blur.

Thursday - 1st Day of Aidil Fitri - Started off the day in a most un-Raya fashion, with English Breakfast (Brunch) & Champagne at another big shot's house. As I watched the effort of the 3 classes the day before dissipate before my very eyes, I knocked down the Moet and Chandon with glee. There is something primal about drinking before noon. It makes one feel so liberated. It didnt help that by the time I was due to do my first raya open house, I was scarlet as a cooked crab, and smelt like a guinness brewery. The lady in the tudung eyed me suspiciously, as I sat across her eating my lontong, and lemang. I sms-ed my brunch hostess to blame her for the situation I was in, and she suggested I inebriate the makcik by breathing on her.

Another open house in the evening, with no exercise in sight. By this time, the champagne had worn off, leaving a slight dull hangover. Having left the kids alone the whole day, while we traipsed around town drinking champagne and eating lemang, we brought them for the usual after dinner workout in the gym. Oops, I mean, the mall.

Friday - 2nd day of Raya - Kung See Lai (another KSL) joined me for body combat in the morning. The pictures are of SPOOKY COMBAT, (my two favourite instructors shown here, dressed to kill) held last Friday, for halloween, but combat this morning WAS spooky.

It was my favourite instructor teaching, of course. Why else would I be at the gym at 10.30am on a public holiday.

Why spooky? Well, for starters, this is an instructor who never ceases to amaze me with his ability to make women scream, in a most unladylike fashion, while they are doing his combat class. But this morning, it was as if the lemang had sealed their mouths shut. The class was eerily silent. Various attempts to resuscitate the larynx failed. Weirdest of all was during the muay thai, and one lady attempted to shout, and it the MOST uncoordinated shouting I had ever heard. It was like knee, pause, shout, knee, pause, shout, .... SPOOKY man!!! Even the instructor looked in utter disbelief.

After that, I simply had to attend the body step class. I figure that that Body Step Instructor is probably one of the step superstars, and has his own legion of fans. He is darn good I have to say, and would probably quite easily make it to "favourite Step Instructor", if his classes weren't at such ungodly hours. (Literally, its during church service time on sunday).

The next day, Kung See Lai sms-ed me to tell me she was aching all over from combat. The young people of today, aitelyu.

Another raya do in the afternoon, but with controlled calorie intake. At night, we had the kids Vacation Bible School Family Night, a concert of sorts. The son seems to be in a world of his own.

Saturday - Nothing very exciting at all. Went for 2 combat classes, one in the morning, with guest instructor, (the saturday morning slot is becoming like a guessing game....GUEST STARRING so and so), and with my usual instructor in the evening. I was more exhausted with the evening 45 min class than the morning 1 hour one.... then again, it could be because I had gone for the morning one.

And that, was my week as a Tai Tai.


all-aboard! said…
"I was scarlet as a cooked crab, and smelt like a guinness brewery."

This reminds me of a watchnight service...

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