My Wormhole Friends, and Why the KL Plenary Hall Was So Hot

I found out from a reliable source why the KL Plenary Hall for the Jose Carreras was so hot. Apparently, the diva, ie, Jose, doesn't want airconditioning. No air cond in his room, car, or hall. Okay, so it wasn't because the KL Convention Centre management was too stingy then.

Wormhole - Intra-universe wormholes connect one location of a universe to another location of the same universe. A wormhole should be able to connect distant locations in the universe by bending spacetime, allowing travel between them that is faster than it would take light to make the journey through normal space. See the image above. Inter-universe wormholes connect one universe with another [1], [2]. This gives rise to the speculation that such wormholes could be used to travel from one parallel universe to another. A wormhole which connects (usually closed) universes is often called a Schwarzschild wormhole. Another application of a wormhole might be time travel.

(Thanks HL for solving the mystery for me)

Anyway, it occured to me while I was in the shower in the gym yesterday, that I have some friends to whom I should pay tribute, because they have been wormhole friends. Ie, they have opened entire new worlds or universes in my social circles...sometimes, life changing, sometimes, frivolous.

The earliest WHF (wormhole friend) is probably that hot shot lawyer residing in Melbourne, aka King of the Chinese. (in Melbourne, anyway). The existence of wife can probably be traced back to him. He intro-d me to another lawyer, now in some law firm behind Shangri La, KL, who intro-d me to a Klang Developer, who intro-d me to a semi insane valuer, who intro-d me to her housemate, a part time model cum valuer, who intro-d me to elderly looking lawyer (but now looks younger), who intro-d me to old but young looking doctor, who intro-d me to the wife.

Another notable WHF is ANOTHER lawyer, from the same law firm behind Shangri La, who intro-d me to some hot shot banker, and his very sweet and lovely wife, which subsequently spawned a whole group of others.

Next comes my MBA WHF, a kadazan pinoy, so mixed that rojak looks homogenous, who opened up a whole new world to me. They are currently the main "happening" group that I get to hang out with, and are probably the last remaining group of friends that can last past midnight without much problem.

A more recent WHF, (actually, this is a toss up), is the one who intro-d me to the blogosphere. Another lawyer, ALSO in the same law firm behind Shangri La. Hmmm, I must check out this law firm, it could actually be an intergalactic portal or portkey. Through the blogosphere, inadvertently a whole new world relating to the gym, was opened. Hence, the toss up; is the lawyer concerned the WHF, OR is the toilet bowl fler, who met me in the blogosphere, the WHF.

Next comes that tall lanky fella, the namesake of a famous sitcom, who has single handedly brought down this new social group's mean age to like 26. It started with a home cooked nonya dinner at his place, and now, we are doing all these kahlture things together gether, watching plays, eating, watching plays, eating, drinking toddy.

Anyway, to all my wormhole friends, thank you. (and the rest of you, may you become a wormhole someday, but I still love yall even if you're not).


shades said…
how come you got some many lawyer friends??
fatboybakes said…
whatttoodoo? throw a pebble and you invariably hit FIVE lawyers. not like i screened them, and said, oh, lawyer, CANNOT, strike out.

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