Pok Kuat With Old Friends

One of our pastimes when we were younger, in between the pubbing and the partying, was getting together for a spot of Pok Kuat. Literally, in Cantonese, to Join Bones. It's actually a different version of Gin Rummy, or commonly known as Dead Gin. We don't use the normal cards they give on airlines, but rather, tiled cards, like mahjong. And like geriatrics trying to pass time, we'd play and play and play.....

As time went along, and as more and more of us got encumbered with parenthood, pok kuat sessions became rarer and rarer. The unencumbered got together for sam kah mah chiok, (three leg mahjong), as it was easier to organise, and required fewer people. The encumbered were left to fend for themselves, and sought other activities, like stalking instructors in gyms, making friends half their age (which people mistake as their children), hosting board games parties in an attempt to cling on to the last vestiges of youth.

But sometimes, when an important person comes to town, and requests that for old time sake, we get together for a game, we scrap all plans, and head for the old familiar table, and practise our breath stroke strokes, across the table.

Last night was one such night. In honor of BKTW, all the way from BKK, we trooped to the attic in Sri Damansara, to indulge our guest of honor. Despite having not played for a year or so, BKTW demonstrated his skill and ability, for even while he was on a conference call, he managed to sapu our money, with a GIN round. This is a picture of his gin cards.

In a separate development, aitelyu, it doesn't pay to do work for the gym mafia. After a botched delivery job, I got this life threatening sms. I would brush up on my body combat skills, but alas, the mafiozo concerned IS a body combat instructor, in addition to body pump AND rpm, so not only can he hook, cross, jab and upper cut me, kick, he can also weigh me down and then cycle over me.

Brrrrrr, I am shivering!!!!!!


karynn said…
dun worry la, he "hou tai mm hou sek" one, won't beat u up la... maybe just scare u wt his mean muay thai face expression! :p
fatboybakes said…
MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Well, coming from such a reliable source, I guess I can sleep well tonite then.
REMIX said…
aaaaaa.....how com most of the photos no face one ley???

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