Seemed Like A Long Weekend

Starting from Friday afternoon, it was one hectic rush, trying to fit all non work related stuff into like whatever time that remained of the day. Let me see, there was the usual body pump class, with a replacement instructor. The old one has been exiled to Uptown, due to the viccissitudes of change within the instructorhood...I overheard murmurings, some people saying, "whatttt la he, can't he even spare ONEEEEE class in john hancock". I feebly sprang to his defence, saying, "I don't think he had a choice la". The pump instructor looked vaguely familiar, and it bugged me the rest of the night, and saturday, trying to figure out WHERE I'd met him before.

Pump was followed by combat, with favourite combat instructor. Ironically, it's the first time I've managed to attend the fler's class since he started teaching this 7.50pm slot at MJH. As usual, he had his legion of screaming female students.... to my abject HORROR, during the muay thai track, he said he needed a volunteer to demo something or other. I was so sure he was going to ask one of the screaming women, and I automatically turned to look at them. When I heard him say, "Guys, this is my dad...." (Earlier this week, some woman, blind, obviously, thought he was my son). If ever there was a moment in the gym when I wished there would be a blackout, it was then. Cough cough, choke choke. In my moment of stunned silence, I could not think of an appropriate retort, but if I could relieve that moment, it would have been, "lei sei chai ah".

Then I had to rush home, for cell group. (Had to skip the abs and cool down from combat, but had done it in pump). At 10.30, I literally had to evacuate the cell group, because I was late for my next appointment in Cynna, Asian Heritage Row. It was the birthday party of old mba classmate, and also wormhole friend, and this is almost my last portal into the world of "happening". Happening it was alright. Paid the price the next morning, with a massive hangover. Great party, great company.

This was also due to the fact that old classmate, Jeff Zams, (not his real name), was back briefly from Sydney, where he is doing his PhD. He worked/works for the department of civil aviation, air traffic controller etc etc. When he first got his PhD offer, it was in some university in America. I told him, Jeff, do you SERIOUSLY think they will grant you, a muslim, with air traffic control qualifications, doing a air traffic related PhD, a VISA to study in AMERICA? DREAM ON MAN!!!!! Sure enough, his visa was rejected faster than you can say jetplane. He ended up in my alma mater, Sydney University. Anyway, drinking with this fler is always bad news. I can't remember when I've ever drunk in moderation with him around.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful enough. Spent Saturday recuperating, dinner with the kids, finally bought the Nigella Lawson Book I've been eyeing, cos TIMES bookshop had 20% storewide discount. There is a recipe for ROCOCOA Cake there that looks absolutely divine. Heck, at RM169.90 (before discount), it BETTER be.

Today is baby boy's first day at play school. (the kindy has a holiday program). Just got call from wife, she had to leave him there cold turkey; he was hysterical. We thought having his older brother there would make it easier. Obviously not.


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