Shaving the Goatee

I had a horrendous sleep last night, tossing and turning, despite attending back to back pump and combat classes yesterday, AND watching a play at actor's studio, BSC, JIT HAPPENS AGAIN, AND having a couple of drinks after that. As a result, I am zombified today.

I was wondering this morning if I should crop off my now signature chin hair, as a symbol of a new start, for my last year in the 30s. My first thought was, oh dear, I'll be attending the Body Attack launch this saturday at Axis, and my only ID to obtain my pass, WAS the goatee. So I guess the shaving, if at all, would have to wait till Saturday evening. And much as I wanted to attend gorgeous woman's body step class today lunchtime, I had to have lunch with the family.

JIT HAPPENS AGAIN - starring Jit Murad. I'm actually quite surprised that the Malaysian humour threshold is quite low, and he managed to garner gales of uproarious laughter from pretty mundane stuff. Slapstick even. It was mildly entertaining, I would say, and not bad for a night out with friends.

Drinks at Chilli's with the Everybody Loves Raymond crowd was a pleasant affair, thank you again young korean looking lawyer and spouse for the drinks. Love the top shelf margaritas there. After that joined the Red Planet and Mr goody two shoes at La Bodega for another drink. Red Planet was teaching us the new syllabus for ABC, corresponding to designer labels. A-Armani, B-Boss, C-Cerutti, etc etc... and the not approved syllabus, A= Anakku, B= Bata, C= Chickadee...

Shortly after midnight, received first happy returns of the day greetings from Red Planet, Goody 2 Shoes, the surreptitious peck from wifey, sms from "Sonny Boy", and long time college mate tuan haji adri, and also a surprise visit from gift bearing friends, Sonny Boy and Pseudo Girlfriend, (very when Harry Met Sally), at 12.20 am at the front gate. Very sweet of them, it was a most sweet and thoughtful gesture.

Thank you the rest for all your well wishes.


REMIX said…
Happy Birthday
Lots of hugs & XXXXX
all-aboard! said…
Happy birthday!

And no, no, you'd look funny without the goatee now.. Don't have to convince yourself you're still young :P
Chipmunkrock said…
oh happy birthday!! btw the word "surreptitious" was JK Rowling's fave word in Half Blood Prince.
jesscet said…
Happy belated birthday! (it's just past midnite now...your timing here is out?!)

Lynn and i caught Jit Murad just now - FOC! ;) Well, it was pretty entertaining though not brilliant..he's more daring than Harith Iskander in `ketuk-ing' the political leaders. Lots of `naughty' insinuations also...
shades said…
I'm going to start a petition to the garmen to intervene...

Am somehow amazed with pseudo-names you use in your entries. How do you remember them? I used to write them lengthy ones too before I gave up and settled to (only) initials.

Oh, happy belated birthday!
fatboybakes said…
thank you yoga instructor for your wishes. yar, i'm sure i'll eventually resort to using initials. new blog mah, so still at guessing game stage.

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