2005 Reflections

How quickly they grow. My coffee shop ritual with Yang Yang, the youngest, is now numbered, since he'll be going to kindergarten next year. Sigh, his roti canai with dahl. The fatboy jr can wallop one whole roti canai on his own, almost. Next year Girl will be in Standard Two, and Aun Aun will be in Bridging Class, the class that prepares them for standard one.

Let's see.
Highlights of 2005.

Off the top of the head, highlights for this year would be the

1. The trip to Croatia, AND BORDEAUX, for Godpa's 40th birthday. 3 days of orgiastic wining and dining, all expenses paid, with good friends, and wonderful surroundings.

2. The test kit that showed a POSITIVE....and ensured I will have another kid to bring for the coffee shop ritual in a couple of years. That picture there is the test kit. Two lines means a positive, to the unitiated.

3. Trip to Disneyland, with the family. Parents, sister, bro in law, their kids, our kids.... enough said in a separate entry.

4. Getting to know so many new people this year, and getting closer to some. So many to name, so if I've missed out any, please forgive me, but basically, these are the ones; Young Laotian Prince, The Shady Shades (aka Fave Pump Instructor), Shades GF, Cal Burner (aka Fave Combat Instructor), Young Lawyer Appended to Cal Burner, The ENTIRE cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, which include the star himself, Enigmatic Lady Cath, Mr Airports Berhad, Young Gerontophiliac and Pretty, Young fiancee, Young Civil engineer, (a rare and dying breed), Gunthereek, Gorgeous Woman of Gym Fame and "Celebrity" Personal Trainer and Instructor (who is no longer teaching Les Mills classes) I have been truly blessed with friends, old and new. Speaking of old friends, Mr Bangkok Lawyer, I really appreciate you reading this.

5. Setting up this blog? ..........hmmmm, let me think about that one. But yeah, it did pave the way for new friends to be made. Special thanks to HL for dragging me kicking and screaming into the blogosphere.

The Not so Nice Things of 2005

1. Business could have been better. WAY better. Let's hope it gets better in 2006...!!

2. The passing of PM's wife. That was quite a sad event.

3. Of course, all the atrocities in the world, committed in the name of God.

In a balance, it hasn't been the annus horribilis I initially thought it was. When one counts one's blessings, one can but bow to Him for His abundance, and His providence.

Resolutions For 2006

Though I always say "resolutions are for the imperfect", ahem, I guess I should be realistic.
1. Lose 10kgs, so I can change the blog name to thinboyconstipates.blogspot.com
2. Pick up GOLF. I understand it can help business. This has been on resolution list for last 10 years.
3. Earn RM1million
4. Read Bible from Genesis to Revelation (without skipping the rest of the 64 books in between)
5. Become a certified Les Mills instructor....MUAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAAH..... yar, right.
6. Change diapers at least once a week for new baby (due in March). As opposed to just ONCE, EVER, in his diapered years, for Yang Yang.
7. Invent a recipe for something sinfully delicious, yet healthy and low calorie, and patent it.
8. To finish novella with woman I'm scared of
9. To climb Mt Kinabalu
10. To have a wild 40th birthday bash.

See yall next year.


Chaichakri said…
GOt here while searching on Fitness First! I reckon, I would be trying out your classes soon!

Anyway take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR AD2006 / BE2549. May the coming year bring happiness, prosperity and good fortune!
REMIX said…
Yeah... Happy New Year 2006! And Thanks a plenty!
fatboybakes said…
hi kitjar, i hope you arent mistaking me as an instructor. when you say join my class, i guess you mean the classes that i attend....
all-aboard! said…
Happy new year! Sorry couldn't make it to brunch. But I'm sure you'll have another one soon :D
Chipmunkrock said…
oh one of my resolutions is also to climb KK! (and of course needless to say, to lose weight.)
shades said…
the only class fatboy will be conducting is a baking class...

Bodybake anyone?
Anonymous said…
heyyy...yr blog is hilarous! good read!

and Yang Yang can actually finish up whole plate of roti cenai!!???!!!

i'm shocked beyond words man...
fatboybakes said…
dear anonymous, (aiyo, when you leave comments like that, i am wondering if i know you or not)
yup, a fatboy after my own heart, yang yang can definitely wallop a whole roti canai on his own. okaylah, 9/10th of a roti canai at least.
joyce said…
sorry ah...yes we were introduced to each other during yr NYE brunch

yr Sai Lo's Loi Yan
HL said…

Sai Lo has a Loi Yan?!!
fatboybakes said…
see lah, u missed bruch, see what else you missed. haiya, now only you know sai low got a loi yan!!!! i havent put up any pics of the loi yan lest she not happy la, but by the looks of it, i shall.....
can hor, sai lou's loi yan.
all-aboard! said…
Sigh! Have another brunch soon la..

Can't wait to meet you, SL's LY :)

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