Body Attack Revisited

Was chatting with fave combat instructor yesterday morning, when found out the Curve (and probably all the other Selangor based FFs) were having lots of daytime classes coz of the public holiday. Since when have the sultan's birthdays become weekdays again? I thought they had been relegated to saturdays.

Anyway, tempted as I was to skive off work to attend the fellow's combat class at 12pm, at the Curve (and finally de-virginise my passport membership), I was having second thoughts, until I scrolled the on line schedule, and what caught my eye was BODY ATTACK, taught by Gorgeous Woman and Macho Nippon Girl. That kinda settled it for me. Firstly, coz GW was teaching, and secondly, Body Attack is usually at such weird hours, I never get to go. So I thought, what's an hour and a half away from work anyway. Afterall, I skipped lunch.

So happily I trotted over to the Curve, my first ever passport experience. (my previous two times at Axis have been on guest pass)....Very suaku, have to ask the reception where the class registration is, up at the studio, or down at the reception. She said, sometimes up, sometimes down. How lah..... I didnt want to risk not getting into the class. She relented and said, okaylah, today, upstairs.

The first sign that something was amiss was the body jam class, scheduled to be taught by GW, was taught by some fellow, who seem to be getting the screams and yells of a canto pop star, from his class. No sign of GW. Five minutes before class, I knew she wasn't showing oridi, coz Macho Nippon Girl walked in with another fler. Didn't get his name. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable enough class. It was supposed to be an intro as well, as there was never an opportunity apparently for instructors to explain what the moves were all about, and technique. It wasn't as hot as Axis, (Axis studio is exposed to midday sun), so I think that affected the sweat. Not as much as the first time.

Fasted the whole day, until dinner, to give the upset stomach a rest. Felt really good after that.


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