Disneyland - 2nd Thoughts

First, the cursory gym mention. You never realise a good thing until you don't have it anymore, they say. Well, true to a certain extent. The previously Monday evening pump instructor, Mr Robot, swapped places with pretty girl from Tuesday, and now is teaching Tuesday slot. I was ambivalent about Robot's classes before, but yesterday, I realised that I actually enjoyed his mechanical precision and efficiency with which he conducts the class. He probably is quite a shy fellow. Averts all direct gaze, UNLIKE SOME OTHERS, who DELIBERATELY try to make me laugh. Was actually very tired, so only did pump, and in any case, had to make pizzas for appetizers and apple pie for dessert. Blog fever must be subsiding, I so forgot to take pics of the food. The pizza was packed with all the family's favourite ingredients. Scallops, bacon, mushroom, avocado, pesto. Apple pie was good too. Still got half a pie left, if anyone wants it, email me.

Disneyland. Been meaning to mention this, but to me, the GREATEST shortcoming of Disneyland, and presumably its every Disneyland, is the absence of the most important people. THE VILLAINS. I would seriously queue to take pictures with these people:

My all time favourite is of course, Maleficient, from Sleeping Beauty. I would definitely queue to take a pic with this hot babe.

Anyway, to see the top 40 disney villains, go to
http://www.ultimatedisney.com/countdown4/. You will find Maleficent right up there, ranked no 1.


yhsmom said…
Great minds think alike! I refer to said instructor as Mr Robot too! Actually I think he's quite good. He was one of the pioneering Pump instructors. He has a lot of old tracks and really knows his stuff. It's just that he's...well...robotic
fatboybakes said…
Yar, Mr Robot IS very good actually. Took me awhile to warm up to his style, but now I really enjoy his class. You heard that the shady one is returning to MJH for Friday pump...AND combat right?
yhsmom said…
Eh? He told me last Friday when I did his class at Uptown that it was only for Combat.

Are you going for Pump tomorrow? If you are, email me lah and I will write your name down.

BTW the Body Step instructor you mentioned today was in Female Magazine's 50 Gorgeous People issue! He's very popular with all the auntie members too!

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