Fat Boy Bakes Alone, Literally

Wife (who still hasn't noticed missing goatee) called me in afternoon to say they are dumping me to visit her brother who lives in sierramas, until late at night. They meaning she and the kids. Yay, some ME time. Normally, this would have been the clarion call to make plans to go out drinking and make merriment, but as I said in previous post, it somehow doesn't feel like December. So actually I perused the on line gym schedule to see if there were any classes I'd like to attend. The two possibilities would have been gorgeous woman's combat class, at Curve, or shades combat class at subang jaya.....nahhhh, sorry, that leaves one possibility. But I couldn't make it to the Curve on time anyway. So, no classes, no drinks, no friends..........what a miserable existence.

Anyway, since there was peace and quiet at home, it was the perfect time to get around to pilot project - GINGERBREAD XMAS COOKIES FOR FRIENDS. Had already experimented on a particular recipe for gingerbread that was quite palatable. I am not a ginger bread fan, but oh well, these are really more for decoration.

Step 1, get ready the ingredients, and utensils. This is my cookie cutter collection, versus Nigella Lawsons.

Step 2. make dough, wait for it to chill in refrigerator. Get online and chat with whoever is online (in this case, it was young lawyer who was working late, and moaning about how she had to skip body combat, with her favourite combat instructor...hmmmm). How sad is that!!!

Oh, while I was kneading the dough, I was thinking, omigoodness, why isn't it sticking together this time. Turns out I forgot to pour in a whole cup of golden syrup. Duhhhh.

Step 3. cut the dough, and start baking.

Step 4. start decorating. It was my first attempt with icing sugar, and I was a bit wary....not to mention skeptical, that 1½ cups of icing sugar plus 2 tablespoons water can actually produce a PASTE.

This one below is actually a BOTCHED JOB. As you can see, the lettering is meant to read Merry Xmas to the Wong Family, but it looks like muay thai to wong fatty. Well, I'm still gonna give it to them anyway. (the Wong family). It's meant to be like an edible greeting card, though I wouldn't actually recommend you eat something that is 100% coated with sugar and possibly carcinogenic food coloring!!!!!


all-aboard! said…
A very impressive collection of cookie cutters!! :) you even have one of a gingerbread man, awww...
fatboybakes said…
You'd think gingerbread man would be the MOST common cookie cutter around, but aitelyu, its very hard to find. I had to get mine overseas. Even then, some are too big, some too small, some the limbs look funny.

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