Food Photography

I was quite surprised when KSL suggested I should take up food photography, via an sms. I didn't know what she meant. Did she mean, I should do a course, or I should give up cooking, and take photos, what?!!!! Anyway, it was quite flattering, coz she said all the food here looks so appetising, esp the hong kong ones. Actually, food photography (not very different from food pornography actually, makes one lust and salivate) is something that I might be interested to pursue. Anyone has any leads?

Of course, while we're at it, I would like to become a celebrity Chef as well. Anyone has any leads? Where can I send my resume to? Amateur cook seeks position as Celebrity Chef. Reminds me of a lawyer friend, who wanted to apply to the army for the post of General.

Doesn't really feel very December-ish to me this year. Although we are careening towards Christmas and New Year at break neck speed, plans are still in disarray, and AARGH, I have no new year eve plans. Can this be happening? What are the options? no no, don't even mention it....NOT the watchnight service. [running for cover from lightning strike]

Exercise diary : 1 hour body combat yesterday. With "Frodo". The instructor wears this ring on a necklace, (around his neck, obviously), so whenever he does the LOTR "can it be" cool down, I think of Frodo. Shades remarked that Frodo (the one in the movie) looks perpetually constipated. Come to think of it, it's true. They should play REO Speedwagon's I CANT FIGHT THIS FEELING ANY LONGER.

1 hour body step just then at lunch time. Favourite (or 2nd fave) instructor wasn't supposed to be teaching, but turns out, he was. Sigh, one hour body step seems to go so much faster than one hour of body combat. A sure sign of waning interest. (in combat, that is).


shades said…
Can it be?

It's "May It Be" by Enya...
fatboybakes said…
Oops. Yup, sorry, MAY IT BE.....
Anonymous said…
Luv reading your blog!

How about the Iron Chef Competition?

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