Friday Before Christmas

(Warning: Food related)
Christmas has really crept up on us (on me anyway, and by the sounds of it, shades as well, and probably a lot of others), still can't believe it's only 2 days away. Tonight is our cantata. So unreal. Hope and pray everything goes well, and smoothly. It's actually not a major drama production; all familiar christmas classics, with congregation participation, backed by a choir, so the congregation gets to sing along for some songs.

Nothing very exciting has transpired. Last night, my in laws celebrated the winter solstice. My own family has never observed this particular event, so it is a fairly new thing for me. And I can't really say that these glutinous rice balls have been part of our upbringing either. I usually find them way too sweet, but this one that we had, at the golden phoenix in equatorial bangi, is nice because the soup is not too sweet, nor is it overly gingerly. And the balls itself are filled with a lovely black sesame seed paste. Apparently the normal ones are just solid glutinous rice balls. That'll be like eating ondeh ondeh without the filling.

(Warning: gym related)
Oh, I forgot to mention on Wednesday, I was perusing the online schedule for classes to attend, and noted that the MJH schedule showed two back to back pump classes, one where combat should have been. I made some alternative plans, should there really be no combat class in MJH, and I got an sms from Shades at 5pm asking "are you kambing to uptown for rpm". I still haven't psyched myself up for RPM, and still live in mortal fear of collapsing halfway through.

It turns out, there was a mistake in the schedule afterall, so I sms-ed shades back saying that "Frodo is teaching afterall, so I'm staying back in Middle Earth". I really enjoyed the class, now that my attendance in combat has trickled down to all but once a week.... oh, another interesting development, was that one of the flers who was previously a mere student, was now an instructor, and taught two tracks. Inundated by a sense of failure, (afterall, we were "classmates" once, and now he's an instructor, sob sob sob)..... I plodded along anyway. I didn't quite catch the fler's name, it was either Jack, Chiam or Cheah.... hahaha, go figure.

On Thursday, managed to go for Body Step at lunch time. I don't know if I was hearing things, but the instructor actually called me by name?!!! Oh Oh Oh, there was this fellow who was behind me, (I was just on time, so couldn't get my inconspicuous spot in the corner), who felt he needed to perform his entire own choreography, so that really distracted me (cos I could see his reflection in the mirror). In addition to the fact that my view of the instructor was partially blocked, and he was doing new stuff. Maybe that's why the instructor had to glance quizically at me several times and signal if I was okay. Heh heh. How very thoughtful.


Anonymous said…
Never knew you could sing.
fatboybakes said…
weii, tiger, i donno lah, if i can sing, its quite subjective right. but all that's required is a willing heart mah...that's what i told the congregation when i was recruiting ppl for the choir. tone deaf oso can fix one.
Anonymous said…
U were recruiting pplw for the choir? U the choirmaster? Wah! U see my english is becoming so malayian!

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