Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

I was actually half way posting this when the PC hung. How exasperating. Anyway, for the benefit of the non gym goers, who couldn't care two hoots about my sweat infused experiences, or who my favourite instructors are, but yet have to wade through the labyrinth of words to reach the food part of this blog, I have started a subsidiary blog, http://fatboyrecipes.blogspot.com specifically for recipes only. It is a cold, soul-less, impersonal site, but it's easier for referencing, to the amateur cooks, like myself.

Anyway, I tried on the present that I got from GW yesterday, and thankfully, it fits like a glove, so I don't resemble (at least I don't think I do) a ham yoke chong (glutinous rice dumpling) wrapped in lotus leaf, bursting at the seams. And I was also privy to the video clip that was presented at her official farewell, which was very moving. It comprised the achievements of FF over the last year, clips and pics of launches, events, and bloopers. Very well put together, and certainly very heart warming.

I forgot to shower yesterday. Eugh. I usually take two showers a day, at least, once in the morning, (I have not skipped a morning shower since 1991) and one in evening, usually after workout. But since yesterday, I broke routine, and went for body pump at lunch, I completely forgot to shower in the evening, (though I did shower after pump).

Anyway, it was the first full rehearsal for our upcoming christmas cantata, and also with narration. As I helped string together bits of the narration, I was a bit apprehensive to hear how it would turn out. The usually deep booming voice of the narrator, (former TV3 newscaster, Robert Lam) was somewhat chipmunkenised by the high pitch of the mike. Thankfully also, this time round, the person standing on my right, in the choir, had a loud booming voice, and fairly accurate pitch, so while my intense home tuition did help, it helped even more that David (that's his name) is a good guide. As opposed to .....never mind.... you never know who reads these things, but suffice to say, some people try to wing it by singing the melody instead of their tenor parts.


Anonymous said…
Is that your body? Can you get a shot without the T shirt?
fatboybakes said…
dont blame me if you get conjunctivitis when i put up that shot ah.....
Anonymous said…
I don't think I'll get conjunctivitis. I'll probably faint.

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