Kowloon, Kowloon Hong Kong, I like Hong Kong

I bet 95% of you have never heard that song before. Shows the true generation gap huh.

Anyway, for the benefit of the gym inclined blog readers, I did rush to the gym at the first opportunity yesterday, which was body step with 2nd favourite BS instructor. No sign of gorgeous woman this time. In any case, I lost my sentinel spot at the rear, as I was kinda late. The new girl next to me almost bumped into me. Aiyo, left side of the board means left side of the board, ma dear, not right.

More on our Hong Kong Holiday. Actually, there is a certain aliveness about that place that makes the adrenalin pump. And the FOOD, talk about double whammy, all eat and no exercise. Actually, I discovered there was a FITNESS FIRST like 3 minutes from our hotel, (Gateway Prince), in Gateway. I was prepared, had intl passport even, but just could NOT squeeze in the time to go. Oh, and I didn't have shoes, so realistically, the only class I could have attended is Body Balance.

On the first night after arrival, we were whisked off to my "god uncle" and "god auntie"'s apartment near Repulse Bay. Very the posh. And the banquet that followed, gosh!!!! Very very lavish soup, ( I shall not reveal its contents, lest I inadvertently incur the wrath of a select few), goose web (which is supposedly a delicacy), recently dead garoupa, (as in, it was alive before the dinner), abalone with hong kong kai lan, salt baked chicken, walnut soup..... oh, and the most divine fried rice. Good fried rice is not easy to do. You need cold fluffy rice, and a blazing hot wok. And this rice was special, apparently it's the first harvest.

The great thing about HK is, any noodle shop you go to, with roast meats hanging outside, is probably likely to be quite good, or I reckon they wouldn't survive.

Day 2 - Half day guided tour......URGHHHH, terrible waste of time. Should have just gone to the gym!!! Aberdeen fishing village, which no longer IS a fishing village, and the old junks are just there for show, juxtaposed against the luxury yachts. Repulse Bay, and some temple, with myriad Buddhas to grant any wish. Fertility, wealth, longevity, etc etc. Could see Jackie Chan's house from there. Half way up Victoria's peak. Hangon, or is it VICTORIA PEAK? Means two different things, I guess.

Worst of all was the mandatory stop at the jewellery shop, AND the worst factory outlet store I had ever seen. By the time it was over, it was nearly 3pm.

Popped into Gateway Harbor City, and managed to get some COOKIE CUTTERS, by chance. I endeavour to follow my idol, Nigella Lawson, and pick up cookie cutters wherever I go. No time for Fitness First. Sigh. Shades chastised me for my lack of commitment.

Dinner....had to meet goduncle and auntie in the HK side, so took the Star Ferry; which the kids love, and proceeded to the famous Yung Kee for another round of orgiastic calorie consumption.
Let me see, I kept the menu, but off the top of my head, famous yung kee century egg. This has to be the foie gras of all century eggs. Melt in the mouth yolks, complemented with pickled ginger. Mmmmmmm, if cholestrol wasn't an issue, I'd eat ten. Next was a double boiled soup with sea welk, sea cucumber, etc etc....VERY VERY nice. And environmentally friendly too. The piece de resistance would have to be the ROAST GOOSE. Just thinking about it makes me salivate. It wasn't the ordinary goose that the minions at the restaurant partake off, as my god auntie has special connections in the place, and ours was special, with extra wood ears, etc. Another recently dead grouper (garoupa, not groper), lobster tails, noodles and the most deeeeeeeeevine fried glutinous rice. The vegetables!!!! HOW on earth do they get their veg to be soooo greeen??? Ah, and dessert was the longevity buns.

Oh, I had gotten an sms from fave combat instructor saying I have to try the dessert at this particular place. Fortunately, my 6 years of mandarin tuition came in handy in recognising the most basic of chinese characters, and I ACTUALLY did find the shop, on the way to the ferry. So, after that emperor's banquet, on the way back, me, the wife and sis stopped for the "must have" mango pudding. It would probably have tasted better if we had not been so stuffed, but it was a generous portion, and quite delectable.


toeknee said…
did u actually take photos of what you ate? How "tourist-sy" of you. Anyway, reading your blog already made me hungry but you HAD to up the ante.....with photos....argh.

I wish i knew some God uncle & aunt to take me around all those times i went to HK...
yhsmom said…
I love Hong Kong!
Yeah! I haven't been able to go to the gym the many times I have been there either. Their timetable is just not convenient for visiting members.

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