Last Minute Diva Practice

Our church is having a Christmas Cantata this Friday night. Since I don't know how to upload a pdf file onto the blog, I'll just have to link it to HL, who has a flyer of the cantata on hers. Originally, I kinda committed to the organising committee (where I am also involved), that I probably cannot attend rehearsals until nearer the time of the cantata, as rehearsals were on Sunday afternoon, and well, with a family of 3 kids, ..... oh well, I don't want to sound like a whiner.

Aneeway, December crept up on us quite stealthily, and lo and behold, we're staring Christmas, and by extension, the cantata, in the face. I attended the rehearsal last Sunday, to the friendly mocking of friends commenting about my "diva" appearance. Actually, I am no diva, and certainly no natural musician. I was at quite a loss; it's almost like sitting for an SPM paper without any preparation. To rectify the situation, I had late night one on one private tuition with the wife, who thankfully is a musician. We are singing 7 songs, with parts. And 5 congregational songs, with no parts. Tonight is another rehearsal, so I hope I won't be a liability to the choir.

Last night, wife hosted dinner for her family, ie my in laws. Not a bad spread, but I forgot to bring back my camera from work, so didn't manage to capture images of the pizzas, (which I made), curry chicken, chicken pong teh, succulent siew yoke with crispy crackling, fried pomfret with thai sauce, prawn har loke, lor hon chai, yow choy sum, and for dessert, my trademark flourless chocolate cake, half with molten centres, half without. (used the left over molten centres from yesterday's dinner). Since I didn't have any the night before, (choc cakes), I indulged in one last night. My older brother in law had 2 at least.

Two consecutive gymless days. Wow. Am I curing the addiction?


shades said…
U need professional help... Next week go attend the launch classes!

Hey, I'm doing RPM launch Wed Summit 7.30pm and Fri Leisure Mall 7.45pm... perhaps, it's time?
Anonymous said…
Wow! Who cooks all this food? Prob the maid! Us poor mortals not in M'sia!

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