My Egg Can Stand, Thank You Anak Sri. And Disneyland Itinerary

22nd December, Winter Solstice. Shortest day of the year? Also, its when chinese eat tong yuen, those glutinous rice balls. Of course, no youth of today know its significance. And since I am youthful, I also don't know.

About 13 years ago, my children's Godmother, (of course she wasn't godmother yet in those days), told me that on this day, "gor dong" 22nd December, you can make eggs stand. Of course, being the unbeliever that I was, I pooh poohed the idea. Another friend and me brought Anak Sri to lunch at Bonton, (those days in Jln Kia Peng), and betted with her, RM10, that she couldn't stand our eggs. (We brought some). She actually managed to stand it. There in Bonton!!! Years have come and gone, and I get the same pooh pooh reaction, now that I am a believer.

Anyway, this morning I tried and lo and behold, my egg is standing. Thank you, SJL, for this most useless but entertaining piece of information.

Part 2 - I got a call late last night from dear friend, who had OBVIOUSLY managed to get those "Free" Air Asia flights to Macau. Inverted commas, because its not really "free" per se. There is an airport tax, etc, etc... I managed to get two tickets to Bangkok next August for RM286.00 return. (that's free tickets plus airport taxes). Not a bad deal, considering you can't only JUST take the BUS to singapore at that price. (for 2).

He wanted me to help him plan his itinerary, seeing as to how I had just gone to disneyland. So here you are:

Assuming your flight arrives in Macau at 2.15am, you'll have to take the jetfoil into HK, depending where you're staying. Either Kowloon or Central.

Day 1 - recuperate from Cheap Air Asia flight. As your hotel probably won't let you check in till 2pm, you might as well head straight for disney land. The park opens at 10am. You can dump your bags at the hotel, (there is a train from Central to Disneyland), assuming you ARE staying in the disney hotels. (there are two. Disneyland Hotel, and Hollywood, the latter is the cheaper). Play in park until 3 or 4pm, check in, rest, go back for fireworks at ??? I forget what time now. 7 on weekdays, 9 on weekends. Check the schedule.

Day 2 - Full day Disneyland.

Day 3- Check out, head to HK/Kowloon. If not sick of theme parks yet, head for ocean park and middle kingdom. If not, bring wife shopping. Dump the kids in the ferry crossing between kowloon and hong kong. Let them go to and fro until they're sick of it.

Day 4 - Go home.

You're welcome.


Anonymous said…
Can you make eggs stand on any other day of the year? What about in S Hemisphere?

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