Sweetest American Hero

An excerpt from what must be one of the sweetest gestures an offspring would do for their parents, so much so my godson's father wants to store this email for posterity, so that Nic, my godson, will do likewise in years to come.


Whenever I go home, I usually tell only my dad, so that my mom will be surprised. This time, however, I have told my mom, and my dad thinks that I am still offshore in ****** waiting for my visa. So we've planned that they will go to dinner before a Christmas theatre performance, and I will walk out to serve the wine. Hah! That should make my dad flip!!

(Names of people and places have been deleted to protect the innocent, as requested by email originator)

Unlike the kids of today, who'd chuck you in an old folks home faster that you can say the word "WILL".


all-aboard! said…
"Last Will and Testament" more dramatic effect.

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