Until Next Thursday Then....

Blog addiction. You know it's hit, when you feel compelled to waffle on when nothing interesting has happened at all. This is why I daren't even try pot. I get addicted too easily. Body combat, blogging....now body step, and probably body attack.

Oh well, after perusing the on line group X schedule, I decided that since the usual combat instructor wasn't teaching, and the replacement wasn't in my err...how should I put this delicately, "must attend the class unless the wife is in labour" category, I thought I'd pop over to my favourite old haunt, lake gardens, for a jog before heading towards the provincial town of my in laws, ie, Kajang, for the routine Wednesday dinner with in laws.

Actually, that WAS my routine until it was disrupted by favourite body combat instructor, CCCW sometime in July or August 2004. I used to go to lake club, every wednesday, have a short nap in the rest room, (that came out wrong....there's actually a room in the changing room, which has several beds, literally a "rest room", and you'll be surprised at how many ppl take a quick catnap after work), and then do the jog around the lake gardens. This comfortable routine was shattered when I got addicted to that particular wednesday combat class at 5.40pm. So at the expense of my catnap, I changed a 5 year routine, in order to attend this class. That particular instructor has long since not been teaching that slot, but the replacement was a worthy successor, so I stuck to the new routine.

So, since the normal guy wasnt teaching, I thought hey, why not jog. But then I looked at the sky, which indicated I should be building an ark, and hoarding animals two by two, rather than contemplating sweating in lake gardens. In view of the fact that there'll be no gyming for the next 6 days, (yes, I am off to the Fragrant Harbour), I thought I might as well catch the body pump class and do some cardio after that. Therein lay the problem. What to do in that time between finishing gym, and going south to Kajang. Body pump was good. Again, I have to applaud these gung ho instructors who try to fit as much in as possible into a 45 minute class. Most laudable. It really must be out of passion, coz I'm sure they'll be paid FOR a 45 minute class. Then did the cycle mill, still dreading the day I go for my first RPM class. But if it IS true everything else is just a warm up compared with Body Attack, then I might be okay.

I decided to make dessert with the spare time on hands, to bring to the inlaws. So whipped up a peach and banana crumble, with custard sauce and fresh cream. Aren't I simply the dream son-in- law.

Oh well, busy day lined up today. Got body step at lunch time, (with gorgeous woman AND favourite step instructor accompanying, apparently! Great, two for the price of one), and then probably a long meeting in the afternoon way way out there in Ampang. Then tonight am dining with the King of the Chinese, HRH from Melbourne, in Zipangu, Shangri-La. We're off to Hong Kong tomorrow for 6 days. It's always been my father's dream to bring his grandchildren to Disneyland, so that's what he's doing. I'm blessed to have parents like these.

See yall on Thursday, 8th December.


all-aboard! said…
so fun!!
jesscet said…
a relief to know that someone is more addicted to blogging than (as i think) i am. Hehe. remember to blog on HK Disneyland from a cynical adult point of view. ;)
fatchipmunk said…
Get me 1 of those Disney Notes/Dollar if they have it in HK too, the smallest denomination will do...

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