Until Next Thursday..Part II....

Had to blog this before I become disconnected. Went for body step class this afternoon, and I kinda had an inkling there was gonna be more than 1 instructor, but I didn't expect 4!!! At first I thought, oh gawd, don't tell me its a training session, and us public aren't allowed. Anyway, as I was milling around the reception, getting my upgraded card, (yup, I am now a FF Passport member, so watch out yall, the stalker is loose), gorgeous woman and entourage parade in, which is when I wondered, hmmm, is there a celebrity coming or what? When suddenly, there was a loud commotion at the entry barrier, I didn't see what happened but all of a sudden, gorgeous woman, and the two male instructors nearly toppled over one another. The barrier door must have slammed shut as they were trying to enter. Heh heh. Gorgeous woman looked my way and muttered something about "see what happens when you come".

The class is without a doubt, the BEST step class I've attended to date. Not that I've many to choose from, I think it was my 7th body step class, ever. Three celebrity (well, two la, at least, in my eyes), instructors in the front, and my favourite step instructor in our midst. I lurve Gorgeous Woman's instructing.... crisp, clear, inspiring. Actually, all three were excellent. Felt a bit awkward when GW swapped places with the chappie, and was thus standing in front of me. I think I made a concerted effort to look everywhere except in her direction.

Apparently it is a new release. I'm too raw at this to know the difference.

Anyway, I had to leave before abs started, coz had to rush for a meeting in Ampang Point. 2½ hour meeting with a couple of chain smokers. Cough cough choke choke. [heh heh, meeting ppl if you're reading this, no offence ya, but the secondary smoke literally smoked me]

Okay, see yall. Really this time.


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