What Else Is For Sale?

Another smarty pants..... got this after body combat just then. JUST HAD TO LOG ON to blog this.

Oh well, let's save some time here, and let me list what I DO have for sale:
1. Phone number .....definitely, at the right price. From RM10K.
2. House ....well, the house that the sender is asking about, isn't MINE to sell, alas.
3. Blog ..... definitely. From RM10K
4. My Body ....definitely. Depending on purchaser. Can be from as low as "free gift".
5. My soul .......sometimes I wonder if it hasn't already been sold, to the wrong party.
6. My goatee ....... how does one sell a goatee, but yes, if it could be sold, definitely. Bidding starts from RM20.
7. My fat.... anyone wanting a lipo transfer may want to bid for a prime piece of fat. Price? Well, you can pay for the liposuction, and I might reward you with a piece of chocolate cake.
8. My wisdom ...... right now, its being dished out for free. But if I do decide to put a price on it, ahem..... it won't come cheap.
9. The business .........take take, anyone.

Oh dear, can't even make 10.


Anonymous said…
I thought you were going to list your kids as 'for sale'. BTW, how much did he offer you for the phone number?
fatboybakes said…
He said he wanted to buy it cheap. Actually, very bad of me. From my number, I gathered his gf must be born in 1988. Young ciku. And by extrapolation, young ciku probably not gonna pay the 10K I'm asking for. So I didnt pursue. But now, in retrospect, its the youth of today who spend like there's no tomorrow.

as for "kids for sale", well, when it comes to university time, that might JUST be the case. but for now, i'll keep the darlings.

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