The Wind After The Storm

[Not to be read by people who are easily disgusted]

You ever had diarrhoea? Well, I've been rushing to the loo every hour for the past 24 hours, until last night. (ie from Sat night till Sun night). You know how it is, and the absolute relief when you can actually fart a dry fart!!!!! Hence, the wind after the storm.

The weekend. Interesting one, to say the least. Beginning with friday evening Body Pump class. There was an "incident". It a first for me, whereby the instructor had to resort to calling names from the register, coz there werent enough bars. So obviously there was an unregistered person in the class. Anyway, the "culprit" was this woman, so looked with utter disbelief that her name wasn't on the list. She sashayed over to the girl at the door, who was holding the register, and reprimanded her for not putting her name on the list, and saying "this is so unfair", etc etc. Not a pretty sight. Honestly, I figure, she couldn't have been in the queue, and probably had barked an order to the girl to put down her name. In which case, she should have graciously withdrawn. Anyway, some other gentleman gave up his spot. I would have too, had it not been for the fact that I wouldnt know how to kill time before the combat class. Machines weren't really an option that day, coz I was feeling lazy and lethargic. I pity the instructors in these situations. Must be quite awkward.

Combat with fave instructor, was as usual, great. He can really get the females to scream. The energy level was very high, and it was a fantastic class.

Rushed back for cell group, and prepared a couple of pizzas for the group. Bacon, mushroom and avocado, on a pesto sauce base, and ham & pineapple on a tomato paste base. From scratch of course.

Saturday - What a great day!!! My batch reunion at the 4th Royal Malay Battalion Camp in Tapah, hosted by one of our peers, a Lieutenant Colonel, who is the Commanding Officer of the Battalion. The highlight of the event was that we got to use the STEYR semi automatic rifles, which in my day, wasn't available. We only shot M16s in those days. The steyrs are supposedly more accurate, and has a telescopic sight, unlike the M16s. There is nothing like the high that I get from inhaling gunpowder. Mmmmmm, better than ***.

Well, all the boys seemed a bit rusty in their shooting, as could be seen from the FALLING PLATES event, which is a team event. The team that topples all the plates first wins. Distance, 100m. Not as easy as it looks. As bad workmen blame their tools, so too we blamed the rifles.

This was followed by lunch at the CO's house, perched on top of a hill, with panoramic vistas of tapah, cameron highlands, and the surrounding camp. To add a touch of authenticity for the benefit of the women and children, lunch was served in mess tins, and drinks in the mess cups, which is the stuff we ate from in the jungle or during war exercises. And the food were army rations. (which probably contributed to the severe diarrhoea that I suffered later).

Was hoping to catch the body combat class at Axis at 4pm, but by the time I got back from Tapah, it was 4pm. Darn, I still haven't utilised my passport membership yet, and it's already the 12th of December!!!! So headed for the Body step class at KJH at 5pm, which was great. Felt very enervated after that, and wasn't sure if I should attempt combat, thereafter. Anyway, I had time on my hands, as I was on standby to pick up the parents from Corus Hotel, from their bus journey from Singapore. And they were delayed, which left me time to go for combat. By the end of combat, I was half dead. With gunpowder still fresh on my brow!!!

Subsequently, with the diarrhoea that set in, I wasn't sure if the aching was from the last 4 classes, (after one week hiatus in Hong Kong), or if I was falling ill.

Spent Sunday in a daze, (bad sleep on Saturday night, with hourly nature calls), and almost dozed off in the sermon. Had a full moon lunch after church, had to keep up appearances, but declined alcohol, to the shock of the host and hostess.

Oh, ya, had shaved off the goatee in the morning, and to date, NO ONE HAS NOTICED. Not wife, not even son no 1, who is usually the most observant. Why wife wanted me to get rid of it is beyond me, since she DIDNT EVEN NOTICE, and it's been a good 24 hours since!!!! I am waiting to see howwwww long before she notices. It's not a missing zit, for crying out loud. It's a year's accumulation of facial hair!!!!


jesscet said…
may be she DID notice but just didn't make any comment cos she expected u to shave it anyway?

saw both your wife and u from afar at service and didn't notice any difference in u while BL looks bigger (well, thats from a distance)
yhsmom said…
As Shades mentioned on his Blog today, how are your net fans going to identify you now?

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