Yuletide Yellings (Revised Standard Version)

Brief update of the yuletide weekend, as I have exactly 15 minutes to do this. Friday, no exercise, cantata at night, had to be there by 6.15pm, for 8pm performance. Went well I suppose. No photographs since wife can't handle two kids and camera at the same time. (3rd kid refused to come). The whole show went along smoothly, except for one hiccup, which was the video clip of kids wishing Jesus "Happy Birthday". I can't understand why these things always happen; technology seems to fail us at the most inopportune moments.

Saturday morning, nearly sprained ankle in Body Step class. That would have been a minor crisis seeing as to how the entire weekend required me to be on my feet, except when I was legless... which didn't happen this time....sadly, almost. The step instructor even gave out Xmas sweets, how sweet of him hor. I still haven't eaten it. There's even a Xmas song cooldown. Sprained ankle aside, it was a great class. Oh, some person or phantom left their board and mat from the previous body pump class.... inconsiderate bums. @$*&*!%&#%. Deprived people of that space, (coz ppl thought it was occupied).... and extra work for me, at the end, putting it away. LARKILY its Xmas. Oh oh, and I'm pretty sure this time the instructor actually called me by name. I now wonder if I either have a "I'm dying" expression on my face, or I am soooo uncoordinated, that he feels compelled to show me the thumbs up "are you okay?" sign, almost without fail. Not that I mind, of course. (either that or he's signalling someone else, and I mistook it for me).

Saturday night, Xmas eve...house hopped from famous photographer's and sexy fiancee's house, in Bangsar...managed to get a buzz from the Sangria that was served, and off to big shot banker and hot shot lawyer's house in Valencia. So much food, as usual. Barely made a dent in the two pies I was asked to bring. Turkey, (home made), lamb, ...... parsnips, (so exotic....where got people serve PARSNIPS one here!!!!! so expensive some more), which were lovely. Carrot cake, and fruit cake for dessert. I slap my forehead for my laziness, have no photos to show for it.

Came home with slight buzz, but managed to wrap some prezzies and write some cards.

CHRISTMAS DAY.... confession time. I was meant to show up at church at 7.30 am, coz the choir was singing excerpts from the Friday cantata at our Subang Centre (my church got two centres, one in Subang Jaya, one in PJ, off Jln Gasing, next to siamese temple), at 9am service. Well, firstly, I was exhausted, and secondly, I had to rush off for Xmas lunch after our service at 10am, (in PJ), for lunch with Godpa (the kid's) and family, so I didn't want to have the logistics of having two cars, etc etc, so I told the choir coordinator that I won't be showing up at the subang centre. I doubt I was missed, coz when I met a group of the bass fellas in the loo, they said "aiya, its okay lah, the choir so big anyway, the subang church could barely fit them all up in front"....or something to that effect. I was on time to participate in the 10am service at Pantai Centre, where we sang "O Little Town of Bethlehem", "Mary Did You Know", and "O Come All Ye Faithful". The lass who was supposed to be standing in front of me in the choir was in the pews with newly returned from Hong Kong boy boy, looking oh so in love. Nice to see them in the audience. Oh, and not only that, she managed to capture pictures of the choir too. Great stuff. Check out the half black and white pic of the We Three kings solo...(that was the cantata night i think).

Christmas lunch with Godpa's family was at Noble House. Fantastic food, Chinese fusion. 4 Seasons, Succulent Pork Ribs Basted in A Hoi Sin based sauce, Lamb with Deep Fried lotus roots, Buttered Prawns that clog your arteries on contact, ...it was a pleasant change from the usual Xmas fare. Oh, and Godpa had lugged back a gingerbread house, (more like a gingerbread TENT) all the way from Melbourne, handcarried on first class, no less. As with most of these things, "indah khabar dari rupa"..... or "hou tai mm hou sek". (Actually I reckon I could have made a better tasting gingerbread house) Kids had a gala time, and Yang Yang seems to have taken quite a liking to the very adorable Bubble. (her nickname).

Also present were the newly born (well, three months ago) Princess Lee (and parents), now joint heiress of Godpa's estate, Gift Bearing Slim Fit Lawyer from Sydney, godpa's sister and bro in law, godpa's parents, (photo show's godpa's mum carrying little princess, one of godpa's godkids). All in all, a delightful lunch.

By the time we were done with lunch, the stress was mounting, as I was hosting a Xmas dinner for about 40-50 pax, and nothing was prepared yet. Rushed back to prepare the Christmas cake, which is actually the brownie, disguised with Santas and snow, and to start preparing the side dishes. The menu comprised : Orange Glazed Turkey, and Boneless Leg of Lamb from La Bodega Deli, Wasabi Mashed Potatoes, Plain Mashed Potatos, Zuchinni and Mushroom Pie, Chicken Pie, Salad& Quails Eggs with Balsamic Vinegar, Dijon Mustard & Honey Dressing, Sausage Rolls, Cheese Platter, Mee Siam, Curry Chicken, Grilled Chicken Wings In Honey and Soy Marinade, and courtesy of the merchant bankers and families, ANOTHER turkey, some very delicious (I didnt get to try, but those who did, said so) gammon ham, and another honey glazed ham. Dessert was Trifle, Orange Mocha Chocolate Brownie, and La Bodega Xmas Pudding drowned in brandy, which somehow, couldn't flambe properly.

Kids finally got to meet Favourite Combat Instructor. Priceless was the expression on Shades' face when he heard me loudly introducing Favourite Combat Instructor to other friends. Pics show FCI with Aun Aun, Shades with my church friends, Red planet with some happening women.

BOXING DAY...(my son said it was punching day...)...No hangover, mainly because party dispersed fairly early, ie, 12.30 am, and I didn't really drink, OR eat, all that much. I was grateful for the absence of hangover, coz I really wanted to go for the BODY ATTACK launch in The Curve, as it was probably one of my last chances to see Gorgeous Woman teach, before she leaves for HK. I share some of the sentiments in Shades Tribute to GW, (obviously I can't share all, since I am a mere member, not an instructor). Will post a separate bye bye, since she may miss it amidst all this Christmas calories.

Body Attack Launch...what was it? Launch 51? I'm not sure. But WHAT A GREAT SWEAT!!!! By the third track, I was dripping, and there wasnt' a dry spot on me for me to wipe my glasses. The fact that the studio was packed like (hmmm, all the "packed like" analogies somehow have a very degrading connotation....nazi concentration camp, bread queue, overloaded morris minor) .... very packed.... probably added to the heat.

Teaching were GW, (OOOOH, who actually made a minor mistake....she's human after all), Jeremy, and Lynn. GW had also taught jam before that, and balance after. No wonder she was dubbed wonder woman before she arrived in Malaysia last year.

Had to miss fave combat instructor's launch, earlier in the day, coz I doubt I could have lasted combat AND attack and maintained my dignity.....

Aiyo, such a long post.


fatchipmunk said…
Actually technology didn't fail, it was the operator who panicked (no less because someone suggested changing to a different software - 15 mins before we started). All I needed to do was to turn back and operate the software via the big screen.
all-aboard! said…
To err is human, but humility only from the forgiven.
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