Buying Presents For Friends

Actually, I wonder who started this present giving tradition, for birthdays. As one of my cynical doctor friends put it, why are birthdays celebrated at all? It is no achievement on our part, for being born. If anything, cynical doctor says, the presents should be given to the mother.

Buying presents...the nightmare begins. It's difficult when:

1. The recipient has no real defined interests, that we know of. For me, anyone with half an eye or brain would know that anything related to cooking, gym, or diving, would be a welcome gift. But even then, unless you know which of the 150 cookbooks I have, it could be a gamble.

2. The recipient is exceedingly fussy. Brand conscious, fashionistas, etc. When they say, "honey, definitely none of that SOAP ON THE ROPE" thingies.

3. The recipient is filthy rich, and has everything. In this situation, according to etiquette books, one just buys expensive jars of jams, from harrods or some other pretentious gourmet outlet. Afterall, a gift voucher, no matter what the amount, would seem too small.

4. You don't know who is hosting the dinner. Is it the birthday person hosting, or are we expected to go dutch? Evil twin told me once of an occasion where they had bought an expensive present to a party, only to find out they had to buy the birthday girl dinner as well, which of course, made him gag.

5. You don't really know the person well, but well enough to be invited. Thank God for gift vouchers.

This is why I have a no gift exchange policy with the spouse. Call me unromantic, call me wicked. Thank you.

Went for the regular combat class yesterday. For whatever reason, I emerged from the class with a feeling that i REALLY MISS THE CLASSES TAUGHT BY favourite combat instructor. Actually, I am not referring to the one I've been referring to all this while. There was another (a SECOND favourite instructor.

Not SECOND as in 2nd position, but the 2nd one to get the title). (gosh, I feel like an adulterer). Afterall, the usual FCI oft referred to stopped teaching in MJH since Dec 2004, and only suddenly reappeared in the later half of 2005 (and I didn't have passport to do any stalking). Meanwhile, of course the position for current FCI was vacant.... and I really did enjoy the 2nd FCI's classes tremendously. So, for some reason, I suddenly felt I really miss his classes, and the worst thing is, he ain't teaching no more, so even having a passport ain't no help. One of those things. Have to bear in mind, that one day, all these instructors, favourite or not, are gonna grow old, and decrepit, and will teach no more, so might as well prepare for it.


yhsmom said…
You can always grow old together with your favourite instructors! These people are so used to exercise how can they stop? The only thing though is they may switch to teaching more "relaxing" forms of exercise like Tai Chi or Line Dancing!
fatboybakes said…
i bet u these flers will be so burnt out by the time they're old, might end up us teaching them line dancing hor.....
i look forward to that day, when i can call shades by nickname in a class....
allo old tall man, are you okay?
nyeeeeahahahahahahahahahahha...evil cackle.
yhsmom said…
I can sympathise with how you feel about missing your favourite instructor. Sorry I am rather confused now whether he's no.1 or no.2!

Whenever my favourite freestyle instructor is on leave, I would rather not do the replacement instructor's class as it's never the same and I keep thinking how much better it would be if my favourite was teaching!
fatboybakes said…
i'm confused that you're confused. who do you mean? basically, the one who still teaches in FF, (axis thursday evening) is my original FCI, but later on the other instructor became the 2nd FCI. he's the one no longer teaching la. you know who lah. i think you dont really like him one leh.
shades said…
You can call my anything, as long as there is no "yummy" or "delicious" in it.
fatboybakes said…
HAH,donnnttttt flatter yourself mr shades, horrrr, yhsmom....
yhsmom said…
I know who the 2 BC instructors in question are but I was a bit confused about who is first and who is second.

And I can tell you the full name of your favourite Step instructor if you are really interested!
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