The Emperor's Waltz

On Friday night, instead of going for the usual gym classes, I went for audio exercise instead; the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Actually, we've been following their act since their inception in 1998, and all the kids have had a chance to listen to them while in the womb.

Anyway, the program was Latin Music and Viennese New Year. The conductor, a Chilean, was very good and interactive, and bothered to explain to us what the music was all about. Plebians like me, want to be seen only, hob nobbing with the KULTURED people of KL, but actually, have no clue what we're listening too, and too cheapskate to buy a program. So it was a welcome change to have a conductor explain these things. He spoke of Latin America, the gauchos, Patagonia, and brought us to lands we left behind in form 3 geography.

And the waltzes, esp of was the last of the happy and joyous times in Europe, before things fell apart. So, when the beautiful Emperor's Waltz was played, I closed my eyes and tried to imagine being in an old imperial Austrian ballroom, .....BUTTTTTTTTTT...what did I see? BODY STEP IN SLOW MOTION!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH. Instead of elegant ballroom clothing, I saw one of the group exercise studios, with writhing sweating bodies, doing repeaters and knee lifts in 1/8th time. Whole life wasted la.


yhsmom said…
Wah!So sexy! Imagining writhing sweaty bodies to a waltz tempo! While sitting at the MPO somemore!
fatboybakes said…
yalor, aitelyu, i'll be needing therapy at this rate. so how? new combat tracks not nice ah? instructor punya pasal, or track punya pasal? (hahahahah!)
yhsmom said…
Hey it was my Favourite Shady Instructor teaching so of course it was the release which was so-so only!

Actually luckily it was FSI otherwise would have fallen asleep doing the warm up already!

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