First Day Of Kindergarten

This is the condition of the boy just before leaving for 1st day of Kindy. Actually, strictly speaking, it's not really his 1st day, as we had sent him for the holiday program last year in preparation for this dreaded day. Anyway, this boy is a drama king in the making, and a crocodile tear expert. The only thing that would probably pacify him is FOOD, King Kong, Ultraman or Dinosaurs.

Rather uneventful first day at work. Spent the morning clearing my desk, thus recovering at least 1½ sq ft of usable space. What does one do with used cds? There are only so many one can hang off one's rear mirror. If you have any good suggestions as to how to recycle them tastefully, I'm all ears. Especially now that Company Annual Reports come in CD-Rom forms.

Was getting ready to go for Mr Robot's pump class, in MJH, when Shades told me he was [I'm not sure what it was he was was neither a replacement, nor a launch] ....going to be teaching a few tracks in the pump class, and since I haven't been privy to the new launch for body pump yet, I thought I'd head to Axis to utilise my passport membership. Getting there was a breeze, from the office it took barely 10 minutes. BUT GETTING HOME!!!!! ARGGGGGH, now I know WHY I usually followed common sense and usually ended up in Menara John Hancock after work.

The pump class was good. He actually called me FATBOY in class.....I coulda sworn I saw some people looking around wondering who he meant.


REMIX said…
Happy New Year 2006!
yhsmom said…
He calls me "Mom" in class too which I find quite funny!

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