Golden Globe Awards

Alas, this is one movie we can expect NOT to see in our big screens. Despite the fact that it swept the Golden Globes. So proud of Ang Lee, and so proud to be of chinese descent last night, especially when he wished everyone "sin nian kwai le" after accepting his Globe for Best Director. It's great that an Asian can penetrate the inner hollywood circles. In the best foreign movie category, there were two movies from China nominated, ie, Kung Fu Hustle (though I can't for the life of me understand HOW!), and The Promise. (haven't watched yet).

Which begs the question....when is Malaysia gonna put it's mark on world cinema? I was chatting with someone who knew the director/producer of Msian flick Spinning Gasing, and he was telling me how much problem they went through before finally being allowed to be screened here. It was filmed elsewhere to encouraging acclaim mind you!!!

Anyway, that's how I spent the second half of last night. Glued to the idiot box watching the GGA. Something about gorgeous stars resplendently dressed, that draws me like a moth to a flame. Oh, John Travolta can't even pronounce Pierce Brosnan's name properly. He said Pierce Bronson!!!!! GASP.

I'm working backwards here. For Tuesday family dessert, I initially wasn't going to make anything, being lazy and all, and having finished BodyP ump only at 6.40, and by the time I got home, was 7.15. But since I had bought lemons earlier, I thought, why not have a light lemony dessert. So dug up the recipe for LEMON DELICIOUS PUDDING. Its an amazingly simple lemony dessert, (not everyone likes lemony stuff, so again, I have problems with getting an eating audience), light, and terribly easy to put together. It also magically separates itself into a spongy cake layer, and a lovely layer of lemon curd, tangy and assailing the senses.

The recipe for the above will be posted on

Body Pump class - It's been awhile since I attended Mr Robot's class. After what? 3 or 4 months, there still isn't a flicker of recognition from that fellow. Not even a forced smile!!! Anyway, I'm not there to court his attention, so it's fine by me. He is very good, and efficient, and the class was above par. Initially there were only 4 of us, (for a 5.40pm class) and I was wondering if he had actually caused numbers to drop. By typical Msian style, people sauntered in one by one likes brides walking down the aisle, and by track 3, there were at least 10 or 11 of us. FORTUNATELY, he mixed the tracks, ie, old...and new. Hmm, were there new tracks? The class after that was Body Combat, and had I known that it was replaced by some other instructor, I might have gone. I conveyed my regrets to the replacement instructor that I couldn't stay for his class.....the chap looked a bit puzzled, and asked me "why????". ( I mean I've spoken to him before lah, not a stranger). Will try to attend his classes next time.

Must start another category, since the "favourite" category has been done to death. Any suggestions for acronymns?


Anonymous said…
perhaps I should start with lemon delicious. Many of my Aussie friends have talked about it, and swear by it! I have lemons that I bought to make Preserved Moroccan Lemons! No will start with Molten Lava. Starting on it tomorrow as a trial run to next Friday... Dinner with Scila, Alvin, CS and fams.
fatboybakes said…
ooh, let me know how it turns out. the molten lava recipe is semi original, in that it was plagiarised from several sources, and not just one, and combined. but yeah, its safer to go with chocolate, coz as i said, not everyone likes lemon. i sometimes serve one sweet and one sour dessert for dinner parties.
jesscet said…
I personally think KFH is a great movie - I liked it much better than `The Promise'(which had much bad reviews locally) though some people might be awed by the aesthetic and cinematography of the latter.

having said that, its highly unlikely that such a commercial flick like KFH - with a high entertaining value will ever win a Hollywood film award.
fatboybakes said…
ya, KFH was entertaining lah, kind of brain dead movie, good for laughs kinda thing, which is PRECISELY why i was surprised it got nominated as best foreign movie for GGA. usually films, esp foreign ones, nominated in that category are depressing, deep, soul searching, holocaust related, kinda movies ma.

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