Happy New Year 2006

Does anyone know the Abba Song, "Happy New Year"? It's from the last album, Super Trouper. Its a rather melancholic song, that goes:
No more champagne, and the fireworks are through,
Here we are, you and me, feeling lost and feeling blue...

Released in 1979, it refers to wondering what they'll find at the end of the decade, at the end of 89!!!!

Anyway, not that I am feeling melancholic. Apart from the fact that there seems to be a dearth of complimentary calendars, and diaries, it doesn't seem like such a bad start.

How did the last weekend of 2005 go? Well, on Friday night, we celebrated my in laws 43rd anniversary. See pic, of the cake that my bro in law brought. Do not be deceived by the plain humdrum facade, (although it was bought from a proper cake shop), for it actually tasted half decent. If you are not diabetic. Wow, if this is the kind of embellishment commercial cakes come with these days, it's definitely time to start my cake shop!!!

I had planned to go for the combat launch in Leisure Mall, as both FCI and FPI were teaching the launch, but at 5.00pm, it looked like I'd be better off building an ark, and herding animals two by two on board. What decided it for me was when Shades called to tell me he'd been stuck on Fed Hiway, from Axis, to Angkasapuri, for the last 20 minutes. So no Leisure Mall experience for me. Instead, headed to MJH for 2nd FPI's last body pump class.

This was then followed by the anniversary dinner, which as usual, was very very filling. Met up with ELR crowd for drinks at LaBods BSC after that.

Hosted a NY Eve Brunch for Sai Low, who was back from Singapore. Twas a pleasant affair, the consumption of wine, gin and tonic and whiskey in the afternoon gave me a slight buzz, which made me wonder if it was wise to go for body combat.

Considering I started preparing the brunch at 10am, for a 12pm audience, I have to say I am getting very efficient as a cook. As shown below, the spread comprised Turkey Bacon Mushroom Pie, Sausages, Bacon, Asparagus in Butter, Creamy Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Freshly Baked Baguettes, Stuffing Frittata, and for dessert, flourless choc cakes. New American Hero arrived punctually at 11.30, in time to see me pour the batter for the flourless choc cakes.

The brunch dispersed about 4.00pm, and I was debating if I should go for the last class of the year, body combat. At 5.30, I could barely open my eyes, having fallen into a deep slumber. Wife told me NOT to go, and rest, but since I couldn't fall back asleep, I snuck out, and arrived just in time. Now, I seriously wonder if it is a good idea to do these calisthenics with an alcohol loaded body....I swear I felt even higher than when I started, maybe coz the alcohol circulated even faster with the combat. The 45 minutes passed very quickly, actually. Fortunately, it wasn't crowded, so chances of hitting someone was slim.

Then it was time to attend the NY Eve dinner and dance, hosted by sis and bro in law. Copious amounts of alcohol, and food. (buffet dinner). The performer was a kenny rogers look alike, who could probably also pass off as colonel sanders. Most of the night was a blur, since I was exhausted from the day's events, and was again quite intoxicated. The best way to mask the pain from the Kenny Rogers impersonator. Actually, it wasn't half bad lah. Quite entertaining.
Got a few calls, before the lines jammed. Pleasant surprises, all of them.


Started of the New Year with a slight hangover, but not too bad. Even managed to attend the first class of the year (for me), ie, Body Step, at MJH, giving that particular instructor the dubious distinction of being my first instructor for 2006. The second day of NY also passed by uneventfully enough. Another Step class, though had intended to attend FCI's combat class, which I thought was at 10.30am. Wanted to get the exercise over and done with by noon, so had not much choice, but to head for MJH YET AGAIN.

First day of work today. Busy in spurts. Here's to a great 2006 everyone. Happy New Year all.


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