I Love Paris in the Springtime

Decided to have a gym break yesterday, after 5 classes over the last three days. (including that killer RPM). I know instructors can do it (like 6 classes a day), but they're not 40 years old.

Met up with OLD OLD FRIENDS yesterday. If I were to add up the years I'd known each individual on the table, I'd be a compost heap. In fact, the "newest friend" I had on that table was WIFE. Old friend, whom I shall just call Laurel, (and I'm Hardy) is off to France for 1½ years for some course, with his dear wife and lovely daughter. We go back a long way, about 18 years now, and have always been in touch. Dinner was at Bangsar Seafood...I haven't been there since they moved to ONE BANGSAR. Okaylah, the food. Nothing to shout about, only went there coz Makcik wanted to have her flower crabs and lala, which they DIDN'T have. Anyway, au revoir for now, dear friends, hope to see you in Paris soon.


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