Life in the B.C. Era (Before Class)

Since jaytea asked, and I am not one known to be tardy in my replies, be it sms or email, or blog comments, what was life like before joining FF, or more specifically, before group X. Actually, not much different la. I have always exercised to a certain the good old days, I played squash almost daily, after work. (that was 15kg ago). Then there were the wilderness years, when I was working as a site engineer....lots of sweat, but no cardio exercise. That was 1991-1995. That's probably when I ballooned a fair bit.

Then I started jogging regularly around lake gardens, which now, in retrospect, wasn't enough. There were the tennis games, but that was once or twice a week. (Speaking of tennis, I have this friend who plays religiously with her group of friends, one a certain day of the week. After 10 or more years of playing (tennis) with the same people, I one day asked her what the full name of a certain Mr W was, and she had no idea. How can you play tennis with someone for 10 years and not even know their full name!!!!)

Anyway, to cut a LSS, by the year 2002, I think the scales had really tipped in an awkward position; unfavourably....I was about 6kg heavier than today's weight. Yes, I was even FATTER than now!!!! (if at all possible). Go gasp and die.

I needed a shoehorn and baste my ass and hips with butter if I wanted to get into my jeans. I decided, heck, I need to look more like my svelte evil twin, so, I embarked on a "drastic" regime, of vegetables and fruit only for lunch, cranked up the exercise to 45 minutes of jogging, plus some gym work, bought some new exercise videos, eg, Aussie Fit, Fat Burners, X Trainer, Kathy Smith Kickboxing, .....get the drift? At my peak, I think I managed to knock off about 9kg....but it was getting boring. And since the military wasn't taking back any of its rejects for military training, I joined the gym lah.

So you see, the time slots taken up by group classes etc have really not deprived wife or kids of my precious company, as they've always been exercise slots aneeeeeeway. Now, if I start going for group X classes at NIGHT, eg, 7.30, now THAT WOULD be a drastic change in routine. (fridays excepted). Satisfied, jaytea?

And as for having no life before Group X, as alleged by Shades, pshawwww, nothing could be further from the truth....


jaytea said…
wah... you so kanak-kanak sihat one-ah?
Anonymous said…
oh, now I undertand.

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