The Lou Sang Has Begun.... Kongsi Kongsi Kongsi Ni

It has begun. Christmas is barely over, and the last remnant of turkey is making its way out of the colonic canals, and we already have yee sang!!! I remember when yee sang used to be served only starting on yun yatt, the 7th day of chinese new year.

Anyway, my first yee sang for the year was last night, at home, as we were hosting dinner for god uncle from hong kong. There was abalone yee sang for starters, ipoh kueh teow and roll it yourself popiah for appetisers, abalone & scallop clear soup for soup du jour, nasi lemak with various condiments, for mains. And for dessert, my contribution was apple pie. There seems to a dearth of VANILLA ice cream in supermarkets. In the entire village grocer, in Bangsar Village, there were only 2 tubs of vanilla. And it was either Ben & Jerrys, or Baskin Robbins, which had ONE tub each, tucked away behind the freezer. What is the appeal of vanilla ice cream? People use the term "vanilla flavour" to denote dull, boring and certain.

KSL yesterday sms-ed me to tell me my post yesterday (on buying presents) was too close for comfort. Aiya, no lah, I wasn't referring to anyone in particular, let me qualify. It was a generalisation about the pains of buying appropriate presents.

Gym update - Attended body step with FSI (favourite step instructor, who's name I don't even know), and was the only rose amongst the thorns. (excluding the instructor). Usually at that lunch hour, which is quite a tai tai hour, if you think about it, there will be one or two other guys. But not yesterday. Anyway, in one of the tracks, he said to imagine spreading our feathers like a beautiful peacock. I couldn't help chuckling to myself, because, as females, peaHENS are ugly and do not have beautiful feathers. And that is why the Lord created men. (actually, those are lyrics from a hilarious song from the musical, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL). It speaks about how the male species of animals are usually more beautiful than the females. The lion has its kingly mane, whereas the lioness looks like a tennis ball, the cockerel has its crown, the rams have their horns....

Great class as usual. Sweated like a hog.

[Updated recipes in : Molten Lava Flourless Chocolate Cake, And Apple Pie]


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