More Feasting.......

It was one of those days, when it was a double whammy. No exercise, and eat like a pig. Our dear lady from the ELR group is leaving our sunny shores for 1½ months, for work, in that city that rains 9 months of the year.... where meg ryan and tom hanks met in an old movie. So, since there will be no more yee sang by the time she returns, we had it last night, in her honor.

Place: Extra Supertanker. Yup, that's the name of the restaurant. I'm not sure what it means. But the food was pretty good. We had salmon yee sang soup, pork ribs, very nice steamed garoupa in an excellent sauce, ....omigoodness, I need ginko. I suddenly cannot recall the entire menu. Oh, sea cucumber with mushrooms, and choy sum, (or was it kai lan), pak choy in superior soup, noodles with ham choi and mince meat, pancakes, and honey sea coconut with longan.

Have fun in Seattle dearie.


REMIX said…
Wah.... Pix of Food again ahhh??
fatboybakes said…
hallo, it IS a food blog ya know.

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