Of Wigs, Shades and Turning 40.

What can I say? This is how old people entertain themselves. The first of us, from that elite year, 1966, have started to hit the big FOUR.

And what a lovely party it was. Of course, it didn't last past 11pm, and by 10.30pm, the old farts were yawning, BUT, it was great, nevertheless. Great company, great food. I've known the birthday boy for 29 or 30 years.

Its too much work posting the nicknames below each picture, as this blogspot editing leaves a fair bit to be desired, but we were (in order of appearance):

Birthday Boy, or Boy George Menopaused, OR ROY ORBISON
Camilla Parker Bowles, as a Man with Bad Hair Day
Teresa Teng
Alexis Colby, from Hong Kong
Carlos Khaw
Prosperous Goat
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Rabbi Jacob
Andersen Tiong
Better Midler
Cher tak jadi

All eyes focused on us as we made our grand entrance from the hotel lobby and ascended the spiral staircase to the restaurant. I couldn't really see where we were going, coz of the dark shades. We must have looked a sight, all mid life crisised folk trying to take on the semblance of being happening.

As the wigs had been thrown together, without much preplanning, (apart from birthday boy), we weren't really sure what or who we were meant to be. Hence the bestowing of nicknames, on the spot.

Dinner was good, as can be seen by the array of various foods that were ordered. My jumbo scallops, not so jumbo, were succulent enough, and the mushroom soup is really quite good. Fortunately we were in a room or our loud gales of laughter and cackling may have put off the quiet diners in the restaurant. Gales of laughter thanks to the likes of Andersen, with his purple wig, who was spouting words of wisdom, as if newly imparted from the wig. It was like a 2nd brain.

Two of the guests, birthday boy's new friends, have never really seen us wigless before, so she was quite shocked at the before and after transformations, when we finally revealed our old, boring, mid aged selves.

True to form, by 10.30, people were yawning already. Note, this is the same group of friends with whom we celebrated NY Eve 2 years ago, and who were STRUGGGGLING to make it to the countdown. And sadly, it's usually the men who are the culprits. The females in the group look like they could still tiao boo the night away, should the occasion warrant it.


Chipmunkrock said…
eeyer! so hamsap!
fatboybakes said…
who so hamsap?
Chipmunkrock said…
the guy with the oval sunnies, grey hat and curly locks!

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