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[Warning: Strictly Gym Talk only for this post]
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FINALLY, BODY ATTACK is now available at a convenient time, (for ME, that is). FF Axis has a class at 5.30pm on Mondays. That's what I love about FF...with a passport, you can flit from gym to gym, like a promiscuous butterfly overdosed on tongkat ali. I was told this delightful piece of news by fellow gym goer, R, (same name as Joseph and Benjamin's mother), who also found the present body attack slots inconvenient.....most of the slots are 7.30 or so.....definitely not suitable for breast feeding mothers, parents who aspire to have dinner with their kids, kids who aspire to have dinner with their parents, women(or men) who do not dare drive after dark, happening people with dinner engagements, or people who knock off work at 5pm and have nothing to do until 7.30pm.

I also heard that FPI has cleared his body attack ass(essment)..... will he be in the running for the coveted title of FAI? (Favourite Attack Instructor) A bit hard, if I never get to attend his classes. So far, its been a tough call. GW aside, (that one is in a league of her own, she gets the equivalent of "best director" or "best movie" award at the oscars), the rest of the BA instructors have all been really good too.... even instructors who teach other classes which I wont be found dead attending..... seem to really rock in Body attack. I know, I know, who am I to judge right, but hey, I am merely expressing my own personal opinion. What's good for the gander ain't necessarily good for the goose. [on guard defensive pose]

Which brings me to the new Body Combat tracks. YHSMOM told me she thought it s***ed big time, and if it wasn't for the fact that it was her favourite shady instructor teaching, she'd have fallen asleep after the warm up. Oddly enough, considering I was such a BC addict, yesterday was the first time I had actually tried the new tracks in its entirety, since its release. Oh, the instructor who wears the "ring of power" around his neck, has swapped the trinket for something else....gasp, a CROSS. Maybe its to ward off thirsty blood sucking stalkers. At first I thought maybe he gets into theme for the cool down know, LOTR song, wear a ring, Breathe Easy, wear an oxygen mask kinda thing...

Back on track, to the track... well, yeah, can't really say I enjoyed this new release all that much. Music is forgettable, movements are urm..... but the muay thai is enjoyable. Lots of knees and very fast movements. The cool down reminds me of the "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" one. Except, sitting down with legs straddled and trying to touch my toes seems to be the hardest thing. Let's face it, I am no yogi, and I always dread those cool downs that require the elasticity of a ballerina...or gymnast....or contortionist. Shades referred to cool downs as dessert after the main meal. Okay, this dessert is chilled oatbran with soya sugar free ice cream in which case, for me.

Ooh, ooh, now that I have Monday 5.30 to look forward to, I can roughly revise my schedule.
Mon- Attack, Tues - Pump & Treadmill, (mr robot), Wed - Combat, Thurs - Step (FSI), Fri - EITHER, Combat at Uptown with FCI, OR, Pump and Combat at MJH, with FPI. choices choices. Saturday - Step or combat, or step and combat...depending on mood. Sunday - Step.
By step, I mean BODY STEP, not the free flow step. Groan, better find some time for some outdoor stuff, like jogging in lake gardens or walking in bt kiara.

If I was someone assassinatable, it would be quite easy to do, since I am such a routine person. Sigh.


shades said…
working out 7 days a week is not that good... maybe take 1 or 2 days' break
fatboybakes said…
choices choices...yaler, what i meant is, there's an option every day la, not necessarily have to attend.
jaytea said…

am wondering what your life was pre-FF days.
blog about it one of these days?
shades said…
he has no life prior to FF...
all-aboard! said…
i'm sure he was OCD about something else...
yhsmom said…
I found the cooldown a real yawn! Muay Thai was the only good thing about this release. Have to really concentrate!

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