RPM Virgin No More

I'm an RPM virgin no more. RPM - RAW POWER IN MOTION, aka Spinning, in some place. Basically a cycling class, in a discotheque environment. I had actually set out for the gym with the intention of going for pump, and when I entered the gym, one of the personal trainers asked me if I was going for RPM, I just gave him a look and laughed.

Then, in the changing room, I met RPM Superstar Wes Carter, who kinda "tempted" me to the RPM class. I felt a bit bad, but only a bit, coz I had actually promised my RPM virginity to Shades. Anyway, I surreptitiously bolt downstairs, after registering for Body Pump, and peeked into the RPM studio. I was drawn like cow to an electric fence, and a force greater than myself took over, leading me to sign up for RPM. Trying to look as invisible as possible, I creep back upstairs to cancel my name in Body Pump, but alas, there was no escaping the sharp gaze of Shades. Oh well, there's still Body Jam that I haven't done, so my Body Jam virginity is up for grabs.

RPM- I swear, I haven't suffered this much in such a short time in a long time. Not even Body Attack was this bad. Wes very kindly had set us up, (us virgins), adjusted our seats, handles, etc etc....and the intro was actually quite comedic. Eric and Wes were teaching, and were quite hilarious. Someone said like Laurel and Hardy, but I muttered, more like Hardy and Hardy. They are both GREAT RPM instructors, I have to say. And they really made what seemed like torture certainly a lot more bearable. After 5 minutes, I was thinking, OMIGOODNESS, how long more. Now, I realised later I had made the fundamental mistake of not turning the resistance allllll the way down to ZEROOOOOO to begin with. During the warm up, after the first click up, I was thinking, OH SH**, kill me now.

Anyway, an hour later, I emerged with wobby knees, groin burn and great balls of fire. But what a sweat. There wasn't a single dry spot in my "non dri fit" attire. At least the color of the shirt looked uniform, because it was entirely drenched. Do I like RPM? Well, I was lucky to have such great instructors to start with.... I hope all the other instructors are just as inspiring. Yeah, I'll probably do it again. I hear it's the most effective way to lose weight.

After that, I had promised Shades to attend combat, as he had something up his sleeves...or rather, around his waist. He and his apprentice made this diva appearance wearing his famous thai boxing skirt...... actually, after RPM, i was kinda hoping the combat class would be FULL, so i wouldn't have to attend.....but it was rather enjoyable, although I didnt stay to the end, largely because the divas took their own sweet time getting into costume, and started late.

I had to rush home to prepare supper for the cell group...... I was making Cream Cheese Spirals, or also known as Rugelach....apparently it's a Jewish thing. So, rushed home, wolfed down dinner and started preparing the supper, when Evil twin and family arrived. Shortly after, Boy No 1 comes up with hands on his hip, telling me, "THE QUESTION IS, WHY ARE YOU MAKING SO MANY OF THESE? THERE'S NO ONE COMING FOR BIBLE STUDY YOU KNOW!" And rolls his eyes.

And sure enough, only evil twin and wife had come for cell group, leaving us with a reverse scenario of the miracle of the loaves and five thousand. Too much food, not enough people. Anwyay, the above is the verdict of the mini food reviewers. The rugelach are a lovely pastry, very VERY unhealthy, made from cream cheese, butter and flour. The filling is chopped walnut and brown sugar. I decided to be creative and used one batch of the pastry for a bacon filling, which was YUMMY. (if I may say so myself)

Couldn't resist putting this picture up, because he seems more a rugby player than a soccer player. Or so everyone says. But actually, since he started kindy, he seems to have lost a teeny weeny bit of weight.

SATURDAY - Surprisingly, the effects of RPM were not too adverse. I could still walk. In fact, in the evening, I went for Body Step AND body combat. The replacement Step instructor's car broke down, so he was like very very late. But to his credit, he looked cool as a cucumber and even I felt more stressed than he did. He managed to squeeze in as much as possible into whatever time was left, and crept a bit into the combat time, and combat instructor was making the STOP signal ..... I was hoping for an instructor brawl, but no such luck.

Attended friend's kid's full moon dinner, buffet dinner at Jap restaurant in 5 star hotel. Very upmarket. The highlight was this cake, made by one of their friends. Check out the little cupcakes with miniature milk bottles and pacifiers. I have her card, if anyone wants to place their orders.

Phase 2 was drinks at friend's office opening. This is the view from his office, which is actually an apartment that's he's converted into a studio. As we arrived at the tail end of the party, the rest of the ELR cast were already leaving. So it wasn't too late a night.

Sunday - Church as usual. During the sermon, the preacher highlighted that for some cell groups, the highlight seems to be supper. I immediately got a barrage of sms-es, and sniggering looks, one of them telling me to repent. ROLL ROLL EYES.

Body Step class in the afternoon, after church. FSI was replacing 2ndFSI, what a bonus, FSI twice in a week!!!! Still a LOT of squats....the public toilet training continues.


Tony said…
This is punishment right? Showing me what I missed since i was royally late. I called to say i'm coming for bible study but you said there were none left. What else could i do?
toeknee said…
By repenting means all cell group members are not to view the food served at cell groups as main reason for attending the meeting. Fatboy is NOT TO STOP COOKING !!! Besides didn't the Holy One said, feed the stomach first so that we may feast on spiritual food later? (paraphrased)
REMIX said…
Wah... very yummy... served you right with the name Mr.Yummy ANNNNNDDDDD..... as the indisputable and reputable cook! ;-D
REMIX said…
very cute cakes... can have the contacts??
yhsmom said…
Please let me know when you finally decide to lose your Body Jam virginity so that I can be there at this historical event! How about during the CNY hols?

Boy no.2 looks soo cute!

Please give me the number of the lady who baked the full moon cake. Not that I am planning any more full moons but for the many bithrday parties I forsee that I will be giving in the next few years!
fatboybakes said…
yhsmom: no lah, cant imagine doing body jam just yet. i think you need to have a certain look...i think i'll look very undignified (not that i am dignified in the others, but at least i dont have to shimmy or shake my booty)...with wobbly breasts and all.

remix & yhsmom: i'll give u the numbers personally. dont want to advertise for this woman for free.
tzuanne said…
when you said that your Body Jam virginity is up for grabs, couldn't help thinking of the auction for Sayuri's mizuage....


ahem! i am prepared to run the bidding exercise, for a small commission...
shades said…
RPM and Spinning are 2 different classes by the way... So, you are still a Spinning virgin.
Joanne said…
beware of members who have tendencies to fart in RPM classes - esp during the OTT regime! it's awful!
newbie said…
Congrats to finally breaking your virginity for RPM! Though I've been an avid goer of RPM, I'd still say that BodyAttack's much more challenging physically (for me at least). Perhaps more entire body movements & less sitting around would be the case, I think. Lol!
really. yr cooking skills is AMAZING. nuff' said.

and oh ya...Hi! :D
fatboybakes said…
sl's ly: errr, i hope you aren't referring to the birthday cake with all the colorful decor, coz that WASNT made by me. however, i aspire to be able to do something similar by a year. how's things? good to see u. hope u're well.
fatboybakes said…
to ms tzu anne: your imagination is fantastic.... i never imagined myself as offering my mizuage...but okay, if you are willing to broker it, you can get the commission. let me practice first on stopping a man in his tracks in body jam class...my greatest feat will be to get them to ram into an instructor.
joyce said…
hey thanks..all's well and rosy so far.

ya not the BD cake...the pastry la

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