Saying Hallo To An Old Friend

Say Hallo Goatee.

I hadn't really set out to invite it back, but it being a public holiday yesterday and all, I guess I didn't put razor to chin since sunday. Furthermore, I seem to have a pimple on the chin, (which shows I am still adolescent), which made it painful to shave. So, its back, for now. Actually, being a ching chong chinaman and all, and a hairless one at that, I am surprised at how fast it grew this time. Not sure if wife has noticed... oh well, not going to invite trouble, so won't be mentioning or pointing to any excess facial hair.

HARI RAYA HAJI Public Holiday. Very productive one for me, I reckon.

Kid no 2, ie, the oldest boy, has been pestering me since Saturday to make pancakes for him. Since I was busy as a blue arsed fly on saturday morning, I had to apologise profusely and promised him some other time. So he said, "oh, what about tuesday, since its a holiday. In fact, why don't we have bacon and eggs, and the full breakfast?"

Not a bad idea, coming from a kid who's almost 6. As it turns out, sister's kids were also coming over, so it turned out to be quite a large gathering for brunch. Got up around 9, managed to get everything done by 10am, in time for shower, and by 11am, was chatting online with some friends.... was in a quandary, as to whether to go for dual pump and combat class, in MJH, now Menara Manure Life, OR, go for one hour of body attack in Axis.

I figured, heck, the pump + combat combo is so readily available, whereas if it were not for public holidays, and launches, I would hardly ever get to go for Body Attack. So attack it was. Very good class, not too crowded, led by Jeremy and Lynn, both excellent attack instructors. Haven't attended regularly enough to bestow FAI title on any one person. I think the hardest part about attack, for me, is the hand leg coordination.... being no dancer, it can get rather awkward to do what seem a bit ballet-ish.....(I think it's track 7 or 8, where you cross your legs in front after knee lifts).

After attack, went for a haircut, then got back, and had a brief massage on the massage chair, and short 40 winks. Then made chocolate chip cookies for the kids, who were ravenous after their swim. It's sooooo rewarding to have the boy declare, "these are the best chocolate chip cookies in the world"....(though obviously there haven't been other benchmarks)

Healthy steam boat dinner. Decided to help the local economy, so headed with wife to Petaling Street. I love walking down Petaling Street. It's so alive, so bustling. So much body odor, of course, but hey, that's part of it I guess.

[Also, due to much protest from the hostess and certain guests, I have revised the Wigs Post to incorporate more storyline]


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