They Say Life Begins at 40

Was doing an online survey recently, and take a look....after 40, it's a whole category in itself. As in, no difference if you're 120, or're over the hill.

Doesn't really bother me, just thought it was an interesting observation.... it's all in the head anyway. I've seen some young people act like they were 68, (have to be in bed before midnight, etc etc), and some older people act like they were 28.

Was doing a rough count of body combat instructor's I've tried over the last 1½ years. 25!!! TWENTY FIVE!!! I feel like a slut!!!

Went for the usual lunch time body step, with Favourite Step Instructor (FSI). I can't believe that I am actually more familiar with the new body step tracks this launch, than I am with combat. Great class as usual, sweated like a hog on heat.... Can't escape the inevitable name calling...but this time, there were a few other names being called as well, so not so bad. And I guess being called by name is better than being called FATBOY....less obvious, he could be calling anyone. (when calling by name).


REMIX said…
Wah... so many things to story ahh???
Anonymous said…
Can't believe you go to so many exercise classes! You must have a lot of time and energy. Do you help with the kids, besides driving them to birthday parties? Doesn't your amat do that anyway?
Mary Chin
fatboybakes said…
help with the kids? wats there to help, they're no longer infants. aiya, mary chin, i toollllld you oridi, we live in 3rd world country, got such thing as domestic help la, dats why can go out partying still. as for the exercise classes, its on the way home after work only wart. i'm usually home by 7pm, like now, to "help with the kids"...(said as the nanny showers them). anyway, i'm all for advocating independence in kids. let em starve once in a while.
Anonymous said…
Aiyah, they won't starve, with all the yummy food you are baking on Tues. Shame you live too far for me to join your home group. Reminder to myself. Visit Fatboy on Tues and Fri nights!

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