To The Tiger & Tigress

Since yesterday was a relatively boring day, and I have nothing interesting to report, I thought I'd take this opportunity to give a public word of thanks to Tiger & wife, (or more specifically, the former)...... since I know they are lurking around somewhere in the blogosphere these days.

Thanks to Tiger, I nearly failed university, but also had a great time in those 4 years, despite the fact that the course was a drag, and I hated every minute of the course itself. In 1983, when I was a young, virginal, impressionable young lad, he, being a mentor of sorts in my cell group, dispensed me with this piece of advice. "Fatboy, (it was actually just "chubby" then), listen to me. This is your high school year. You should study HARD this year, so you can get into a good university. But ONCE you are in university, you can take it easy, and do just enough to pass". BRILLIANT!!!! I honestly advocate this to anyone who'd care to listen. Coz in retrospect, it wouldn't have made a difference if I got a 1st class honors, or a pass by the skin of my teeth, (which I did)....the only downside on this piece of advice is cutting the fine line between studying enough to pass, and not doing so..... so as a result, every year saw me re-sit supplementary exams!!! Terms like high distinction and distinction were as foreign to me as lor mai kai is foreign to the greeks.

A toast to you guys.

Back to the present, yesterday's combat class was very enjoyable, great sweat, some veterans were actually huffing and puffing. Must be that time of month. The tracks were mainly old tracks. I figure new launches is like monogamy. It's quite okay at first, coz its a new experience, but after awhile, you just can't wait to yank yourself away, and play the field again. (I'm not speaking for myself, of course. Just an analogy). FSI was also lounging around the juice bar area. MIGOODNESS, apparently he shed 20kg, from 82kg to 62kg!!!!! Fantastic, he should be FF's poster boy.....!!!!


Anonymous said…
I can't take any of the glory. I'm sure I wasn't there when the advice was dispensed! ".... the devil made me do it..."
MC not aka tigeress
Anonymous said…
I an honoured to be worthy of a mention in your blog. Would you be brave (or foolish) enough to give this piece of advice to your kids????
fatboybakes said…
of course. as it is i'm not sending them through the rigours of the militant chinese school system, for fear of depriving them of their childhood. life is meant to be lived to the fullest.... not cramming your brains with facts that you probably will never need in your life. but ask me this same question when the kids are bigger lah, ok.
yhsmom said…
FSI is without a doubt a gorgeous creature but the title of FF poster boy should rightfully be yours!

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