We Will We Will Rock You

Since Freddie Mercury is dead anyway, there's little chance of ever getting to watch a REAL Queen concert, unlike ABBA, which has a slim chance of actually doing a reunion tour, if they can put their animosity aside.

Anyway, thanks Partner in Big Accounting Firm, who bothered to organise the whole thing and buy the tickets, there we were. We found ourselves in an average demographic spread of people born in the early 60s and above. The sprinkling of youth were kids whom parents dragged along.

The performer, I do not know his name, is apparently quite famous, and have done international tours of this tribute. To lend credibility to the act, the real personal assistant to the REAL Freddie Mercury was also on board the tour.

Anyway, KL Hilton was packed. Again, another example of the very paradoxical society that we are. In the ballroom, was the Queen Concert, with copious amount of wine and beer flowing, whilst in the next function room, stern looking religious men dressed in batik and songkoks were having another do. While in the ballroom, the elderly happening folk were having trouble keeping their hands up in the air long enough.

A kind samaritan actually got a chair for the pregnant wife. We swayed to the music, and when the show ended with Bohemian Rhapsody, we were lifting our hands like Pentecostal Tongue Speaking Charismatics, swaying to the melody, eyes closed. Strange, I could never do that in church. Had my trusty hip flask with me, filled with whisky, so there was a nice buzz.

Had earlier gone for Body Pump with Mr Robot. He really deserves that title. I can almost predict his next statement. Excellent warm up. The only hint he gave of his human-ness was when he alluded to the coming Chinese New Year... ie, "this weekend gonna eat a lot, so work hard now."


REMIX said…
Was it really good??? The Queens i mean... saw the poster last weekend
fatboybakes said…
QUEEN lah, not the queens. yar, very entertaining. but not your era i think. freddie mercury probably died before you were born.
yhsmom said…
Wow! You went for the Queen musical! Thought of going but felt that a ballroom wouldn't be as good a venue as a proper theatre.
fatboybakes said…
it wasnt a queen musical la dear. it was a tribute band, like Bjorn Again, for ABBA. i also thought ballroom not good venue, but it WAS GREAT. whole ballroom like mini rock concert hall, complete with flashing lights etc.
yhsmom said…
Darn! Should have gone then! But that would be revealing the era I am from wouldn't it?

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