Back to GXFC (not Gong Xi Fa Cai...but GROUP EXERCISE FOR CNY)

[updated recipe blog: Durian Poppy Seed Cake]

Yup. Back to routine, that's for sure. Mr Robot's body pump class. Can almost predict his comments. After warm up, it's "excellent warm up....stretch it out". But, as usual, it was a good, efficient work out. (I'm not sure what I mean by that, but basically, I'm saying, if you are there purely for a pump work out, with no hope of entertainment or personal touch, then this is the class for you). Some people like it that way. Had done the cycle mill before the class, hoping to rev up some inspiration to join RPM again. Actually, the main deterrent for me at the moment, in MMRB (oh, by the way, Menara John Hancock, MJH is now Menara ManureLife RB, hence MMRB) the RPM classes are mostly at 6.45pm. How lah, father of 3 kids who wants to sit down and eat dinner with his children. Cannot.

I have to say this about Mr Robot. He's been in the business a long time, so actually, he knows a lot of tracks. So in that respect, it's quite good, coz we never know what to expect. And for relative newbie like me, still a lot of surprises. I absolutely loved yesterday's cool down track. There's a stretch that felt SOOOOO good. I can't describe it, but it is basically a glute stretch I think. (well, at least that's where I felt the stretch the most).

Brought the older two to mega mall, since "baby" already went the night before, and for some reason, was in bed by 8pm. He must have an exhausting day at work. As usual, boy no 1 wanted to go to the pet shop. Normal kids, like daughter, want to go to Toys R Us.

Anyway, in the pet shop (Pet World), he noticed the koi pond was emptied. In its place were three tortoises. Large ones. Who remained very still.

Me: Are those tortoises real?
Boy: Of course they are.
Me: How do you know?
Boy: [Hands on hips, pointing to an obscure corner in the pond where there was a food dish] If they aren't real, why do you think they are giving them food?
Me: [Mutter incoherent sound and cough]...

The poor boy has been smitten by the same stomach flu or gastro entitis bug, and has had no appetite, and is looking positively less chubby. Sigh. Glad the flu hasnt affected his tongue though.


all-aboard! said…
you could also have an offshoot from your blog called fatboysbabes! hahaha. keep posting their conversations - very awwwww-provoking.
fatboybakes said…
haha...well, alas, they don't churn out these gems all that often. most of the time, it's "I DOWANNNNNNN"

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