A Bitch of Year As Far As Gambling Goes

It is now chor 5. 6 days of orgiastic feasting, gambling (including the reunion dinner night) have passed us by. I am down by RM280 in the gambling stakes. I haven't dared to step on the scales yet, but I have been faithfully going for gym classes since chor 2. Body attack on Monday, Body Step on Tuesday, and Body Combat yesterday. And I have food (or possibly alcohol) poisoning, and have been purging all night yesterday. Not that I've had a lot to drink....in fact, yesterday I didn't touch a drop. The night before, gambling night at my place, ended at 4.30am, which really zapped all energy, and left me like a zombie last night.

Reunion dinner

- the family is quite small, and since sister wasn't around, there were only 6 of us adults eating. Very cheng kai kai. And way too much food for 6 adults and 5 children. (2 of my younger cousins, aged 3 and 1 respectively). My family reunion dinners have never really been large affairs. Back when granny was alive, her son from singapore would come up with his family. There would be some semblance of gambling.

Chinese New Year Morning -

The usual tea pouring ceremony. The kids looked so cute in their chinese costumes, recycled from last year. So much so, when I compare last year's pic with this year's I can't really tell which is which. Spent the rest of the day in the inlaws place, in Kajang. The highlight is the vegetarian lunch, ..... I can't really fathom the chinese vegetarian concept, whereby everything is made to resemble the real thing. ie, vegetarian prawns, meat, etc etc.....

Then of course there is the famous kajang satay, succulent, juicy, with a marinade that assails your palate, and the divine peanut sauce with sambal. There's always the traditional lion dance to look forward to, when my sweat reaches its peak, for the lion dance always seems to come when the sun is scorching. Till today, boy no 1 is afraid of the lion dance, which completely baffles me, because they will don on the lion head themselves and merrily dance away. Of course, ever since young, Girl no 1 has had the bravado of Xena the Warrior Princess, and will willingly feed the "lion" with ang pow.

On the night of chor yutt, we had another family dinner at this buffet restaurant in Starhill called Jogoya. Pretty good spread, but the highlight definitely had to be the succulent juicy hokkaido crab, which apparently cost like RM1000 each...... but was liberally dispensed at the buffet. So of course, being Malaysian and all, we zeroed in onto the items that cost the most, namely the hokkaido crab, and the movenpick ice cream. The latter costs RM9-00 per scoop usually. Take a look at the size of the legs of the crab.

Day 2 is a complete blur... I have no recollection of it. Oh, yeah, went to the Curve for body attack. Supposed to be taught by Jackson and Hazrin, but only the former was actually teaching, apparently coz he was using old tracks, and the latter didn't know them. A good sweat after all that orgiastic eating.

At night, had the first gambling session at Kung See Lai's place. Lost RM50 to the banker.

Day 3- 3rd day of CNY is the death anniversary of my maternal grandmother. So early in the morning, we trotted of to her grave site, in Cheras. Apparently all the chinese florist were closed, so my mother had to buy indian flowers from Brickfields. The western date of the death anniversary is 14th Feb..... when flowers are ALSO scarce.

After returning from the visitation, son No 1 held me to my promise to make him lasagna, which he suprisingly, till now, has never tried. Nor have I ever made it. So I lost my lasagna making virginity this day. Trying to be smart, I was thinking that the recipe looked far too wet, so I cut down the water content, which later on proved disastrous, as it turned out drier than KL during CNY. (its inexplicable why it's always hot and dry during the first day of CNY).

Just as well, we were invited to evil twin's house, so I could bring along the lasagna, under the guise of it being "children's food" and hopefull get rid of it there..... a ploy that worked marvellously. I don't know if people were being polite or what, but most of it was finished. And boy no 1 gave it his thumbs up. I found it a tad to dry, and the bechamel cream sauce an absolute disaster. Oh well, belum try belum tahu I guess.

Visited friend in new house in Desa Parkcity. There's something about new house smell, like new car smell.

Managed to squeeze in a body step class in the evening, to my surprise, 2ndFSI had blonded his hair. Roll eyes.

Night 3 - Hosted a (small) drinking, gambling and finger food night mainly in honor of two dear friends who were in town, ie, Bangkok Lawyer, and Woman I am Scared Of. But like all my guest lists these days, it's very hard to keep it to any one crowd, so we had smatterings of people from each crowd. Did not invite anyone from the church crowd this time though. I swear I am getting too old for these large parties, that end at 4.30am. Gambling started off with "NO 2" (apparently he's no2 in a certain merchant bank), who very kindly agreed to be the banker. Couldn't really participate.

I shall not elaborate on the incidences past 2am, suffice to say, they weren't just restricted to gambling. (but no, no sex either).

Day 4 - Having ended the morning before at 4.30am, I was pretty much zombified throughout the day. Foolishly went for body combat, and felt even MORE enervated after that. Spent the rest of the day pretty much in limbo, even until we went to hot shot merchant banker's house in Sg Buloh.

Will update more later.


Anonymous said…
Food yummy looking indeed. Hmmp...am contemplating whether I should join u in the your much talk about FSI sessions. At least then u wouldn't be too lonely among the low EQ Tai Tai;oP
fatboybakes said…
aiyoooo, such a comment shouldn't be ANONYMOUS!!!! now u gotten me all curious, do i know you, do you go to male or female changing room, do you do body step, do you go to flirtness first, what what what???!!!!! pray pray reveal more!!!! unless it is you, mr bangkok lawyer.
Anonymous said…
As far as the gambling goes, you were lucky to get away without your head being shaved.
Pick Yin said…
god, the food!! :D
Anonymous said…
FB>..... pray pray reveal more!!!! unless it is you, mr bangkok lawyer.

Not Bangkok but someone not too far yet not too near (close);oP
fatboybakes said…
anonymous, how intriguing... such an enigma.

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