Body Combat - Can Still Sweat

Missed Mr Robot's Pump Class, coz it was too hot. (as in, the sun was scorching). I know, I know, it's not like we are doing it outdoors, but you know, I need an excuse. Will attempt to go for today's body pump class, by some replacement. However, I did go for Myke's combat class. The usual tuesday instructor is away for awhile, (suppressed cartwheels), and in fact, I heard FCI will be teaching that slot for the entire month of March. Oh dear, if I opt to do Robot's class and FCI's class back to back, that'll mean no dessert for family dinner for a month. Choices choices. Unless we stick with refrigerated desserts, as opposed to freshly baked ones.

I have to say (again) Myke's combat classes have really exceeded my expectations. Maybe by laying off combat for awhile, absence made the heart grow weaker, so I actually did feel the kick of the class. (figuratively).

Okay, onto non gym related stuff, as I have been accused of being too engrossed in my own little gym world.... (which is an absurd accusation....). Continued watching SPANGLISH last night, after catching up with the sitcoms I recorded on Monday, ie, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens and Frasier. SPANGLISH was getting more interesting, but alas, didn't have the stamina to finish it.

Caught a glimpse of the baby's face, in today's ante natal scan. The baby has turned, so is pretty much in launch position. In two weeks, she will be full term, so it's pretty much plus minus the delivery period in two weeks time. Doesn't feel very real at this point in time. Also, very highly likely now that it is confirmed a girl, (YAY!!!), for the doctor pointed out the two lips. (not on the mouth).


all-aboard! said…
Spanglish has a horrible ending.

Did I say horrible? I meant anticlimactic boring ending.
kt said…
u soooo spoil ur family!! frozen desserts r d only desserts in my house. sometimes, no dessert at all! :-(
fatboybakes said…
frozen desserts? like sarah lee? oh well.....unless you mean ice cream...

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