Brief Update

One of the ways to know if I've had a busy day is when the blog isn't updated by noon.

Anyway, daughter is still in hospital, as she is still dehydrated, with slight fever, and still some slight vomitting and diarrhea, so the doctor reckons she still needs the drip and the intravenous antibiotics. Hopefully will be discharged tomorrow. Thanks to all for your concern and prayers. She's looking much better today, well rested, and the dark rings around her eyes are gone. Her appetite is returning too, just hope she can keep the food in.


joyce said…
hey sorry to hear abt yr daughter's condition. good thing she's recovering prince's been down for awhile too.

will keep her in prayers :)

rdgs, SL's LY
jesscet said…
got ur offline msg. don't worry though we'll miss u at worship. Poor Yen Yen, praying that she'll get well soon..!

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