Diarrhoea Alert

Unbeknownst to me, quite a few of my friends, eg Bangkok Lawyer, his daughter, Quasi Government Servant Lawyer, were all stricken with diarrhoea over the last week as well. My first thought was, "OH NO, it might have been my currypuffs".... but Bangkok Lawyer's daughter wasn't even there.... and QGSL got hers much later. And apparently friends who went holidaying in Switzerland ALSO got it. How weird is that.

Oh, the other day, I embarrasingly pressed an "sms send" too quickly, to a client, informing her my dad had diarrhoea. (the sms was meant for my sister). Anyway, she was very understanding, and even offered a cure!!!

Thursday, ....hmmm, had to pick up kids from school, and drive myself to the gym during lunchtime, for Body Step. LIONHEART made a guest star appearance. Actually, after attending the thursday lunchtime class for like what? 2 months?, there seems so be a kind of camaraderie amongst the people who come. They're all regular faces, and I find myself actually chatting with some of them. As usual, great sweat, and lots of squats. FSI was back to doing sit ups, despite his back injury, which has supposedly healed (but not 100% yet)..... some people just have to be a hero don't they. ;)

Oh, all the kid's (no1 boy) fish DIED yesterday, in his little aquarium. I suspect they were literally boiled to death. The aquarium is outdoors, and is exposed to the direct sunlight. We have been talking about moving it to a shadier area, but have been procrastinating. Anyway, Wednesday was a scorcher of a day, if you recall. Actually, in the evening, before leaving for the gym, I was thinking, hmm, I wonder if the fish are getting hot. Anyway, in retrospect, I suddenly remembered that aquarium shops actually have thermometers monitoring the temperature of the water....and there is a safe range. (like for safe sex). Please don't report us to the SPCA. It was genuine miscalculation, coupled with a dash of ignorance.

Anyway, the interesting is, kid no1, while obsessed with fish, doesn't seem to have any emotional attachment to them. If my aquarium of fish had all died en masse, I think I'd have gone hysterical, and would wade through a box of kleenex. I remember when the last of my tiger barb died, (when I was in form 1), I was very very sad. Boy saw it as an opportunity to get new stock, and has already made plans with his grandfather to visit the fish shop this saturday.
Meanwhile, his two new tortoises are happy in their new home. His other two tortoises, Thomas and Rosie, are doing well, but he recently discovered why Rosie wasn't getting pregnant. He got this revelation when purchasing the new pair, and the sales girl said the way to tell the sex of a tortoise is to look at the patterns underneath the tortoise. He gasped in horror and proclaimed, "OH NO, THOMAS IS NOT A MALE TORTOISE"..... So now, I am not sure who is thomas...i think he re-christened the new male tortoise thomas.

Had dinner with part of the ELR crowd, coz Enigmatic Lady's colleague from America, whom we had met, and who is such a great chap, was in town, so we thought we'd bring him for lou sang. Yummy food at Fong Lye, organised by Young Lawyer and his good wife to be. Forgot to bring camera.


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