Discharged, but Not Out Of the Woods Yet

Daughter seemed better yesterday, and was discharged in the afternoon, though she still has to return for the intravenous administration of the antibiotics. Unfortunately, she is still purging, and also vomitted once this morning, as at press time. Oddly enough, two gentlemen whom I was having a meeting with this morning are also suffering from diarrhea. (though one of them can attribute it to a dodgy burger and teh tarik at at hotel of questionable repute).

Nevertheless, girl is in better spirits, and really, there's no place like home. Also, she has been showered with gifts and attention. Fellow cell member even had a teddy bear and flowers delivered to the house. How sweet. I had promised her any doll/toy of her choice, not exceeding RM50. She picked a Barbie costing RM49.90. I'm not one to usually splurge like that on toys, (must have been from Penang in a previous life), but she looked so pathetic in the hospital, and I guess RM50 to see her smile and show some enthusiasm isn't too big a price to pay.

Anyway, yesterday baby boy also had a high fever, and vomitted once, but in all probability it was due to overeating followed by overplaying. He kept insisting on wanting to swim, saying, "I WANT SWIMMING, I NOT SICK, I WANT SWIMMING, I NOT SICK"...and pleaded with a most doleful look. Not sick my ass, his temperature was 39.5C!!! However, he seems to have slept it off, and appears to be alright today. Certainly no loss of appetite. Thankfully. I'm beginning to see the plus points in having fat(ish) kids. At least they don't become stick figures when sick.

Yesterday, while the paperwork was being prepared for daughter's discharge, I managed to go for body step during lunchtime. Talk about chick magnet, aitelyu, FSI is really drawing in the crowds. We actually had to rearrange our boards after the warm up track coz people kept coming in. Whoever hears of a lunch time class being packed!!!!

Back in those days when that slot was body combat, you'd be lucky to get a class of 5 or more. Heck, there was once, there were only 3 of us at body combat, and 1 of them left before conditioning.....I felt like I was getting private tuition or something. What would have been REALLY awkward is if the other person had left as well, leaving me with the instructor alone. I wonder what I would have done. Left as well, or continue doing the sit ups and cool down one to one. And mind you, this was a good instructor as well....not some run of the mill new trainee.

Back to yesterday's body step. Well, if ever he loses his title of Favourite Step Instructor, he can retain the FSI initials, for Fearsome Squat Instructor. For some reason, his classes seem to be squat filled. Till today, I am not exactly sure what squats are meant to do (apart from using public squat loos), but according to gym guru, squats are compound exercise that work quite a lot of movable body parts. Anyway, as usual, it was a great class, and FSI should really watch that back of his, which seems to be a recurring injury. I felt pain just by looking at his grimace. We don't need another herooooooo...............(in husky Tina Turner voice)

After attending the thursday lunchtime step for 3 months now, the crowd is beginning to look familiar. There's this hot chick who used to be an instructor, apparently, there's this very slim lady who still can't tell right from left, there's the lecturer, the bald guy (who I attempted talking to back when I used to attend Kim's step class, but have since given up, since he's about as friendly as Saddam), the tudung-ed lady, mr cool (there's this chap, with goatee, who has this most unreadable expression on his face....exudes ice). I wonder how long after being regulars in a class does it take for ice to be broken. (no pun intended....not referring to mr cool in particular).

Watched A SOUND OF THUNDER on Wednesday night, about time travel and a group of rich tourist who go back in time to shoot allosaurus....interesting premise, but mediocre movie. Last night, baked cake for godson. Will have to ice it today.


Anonymous said…
You have described the symptoms....what is the diagnosis?
fatboybakes said…
acute gastro entritis, was what was written on the thingie. what say you, good doctor?
Anonymous said…
Even you can make that diagnosis, no need to pay thousands of dollars. Make your specialist earn his money...ask him why type of gastro. If she is on antibiotics, it sounds like some type of bacteria. Make yourself look intelligent by asking the good specialist what type of bacteria it is!! I'm sure he has done a stool culture.
jacqui_woo said…
Hey glad yen2 is feeling well again.

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