Godson's Birthday

Daughter update : seems much better, thanks everyone for all the love and concern and prayers and gifts...once again. Bumped into some friends last night, and their daughter also suffered the same fate...vomitting, diarrhea, drip. And during a meeting I had on Friday, two of the gentlemen present were also suffering diarrhoea. Maybe it's something in the country that needs purging.

Let's see now, what happened on Friday. Oh yeah, I was directed to a famous gym's website, and was rather intrigued by the visuals. First, it shows a pic of a scantily clad supposed celebrity, (I have no idea who she is, but apparently she's named after one of the traffic light colors...but it's certainly not STOP), with the icon "ENTER" very strategically placed.... between her legs. Now, I do not know if this is deliberate, but if it is, wow, hats off to the website designers for top notch subtlety. Bow bow, we are not worthy.

Enter the website, and there's more tantalising pictures, (if you are that way sexually inclined), of the same celebrity, and apparently if you click on any of the 5 squares on the left, under "schedule", there's one very 80s shot, which apparently would give movies like Debbie does Dallas a run for its money.

On to more savoury topics, let's see now. Friday evening, oh, started to experiment on my fondant icing, (aka sugarpaste), using godson's birthday cake as guinea pig. First mistake was leaving the cake uncovered in the microwave overnight, for storage. Usually butter cakes tastes better the next day, more moist etc but that's with airtight storage. Since I didn't, the cake itself was a tad too dry. Anyway, the sugarpaste involved a lot of ingredients I've never handled thus far, namely glycerine, and liquid glucose. Following the instructions, I had a mild anxiety attack for after 5 minutes of kneading, the mixture resembled nothing like sugarpaste. Reminded me more of limestone quarries and calcium carbonate flying everywhere. With the tenacity of a marathon runner, I finally managed to get some semblance of a covering that could cover the cake.

By the time I was done with the kneading, I was already cutting it thin to make it for Body Pump with FPI, so I quickly whacked on the Jelly Beans I bought from Disneyland, and rolled out some remaining icing for the wording, hence the botched finished product. (see below). Oh, the two protrusions were meant to be ducks on a pond. I intended to do a snow scene, but heck, body pump was more important.

I had no idea my workmanship was so bad until one of the bible study fellas pointed at the ducks and said, WHAT ARE THESE? (red faced embarrasment)

On a separate note, I had purchased a blood pressure monitor on thursday. Thursday readings were okay. Then Friday, just after the kneading, and before pump, I did a check, (I am obsessive about these things), and to my horror, the readings were off the wall. I was thinking, oh no, what if I keel over and have a stroke during pump? Would be bar fall on anyone? Am I a risk? So, I decided to take it easy, and dropped everything a notch, ie, 1kg lighter, for squats, and back tracks. To cut a long story short, I ended the battle with hypertension by finally starting on meds on Saturday. (Tiger, I've been hypertensive for a few years now, but in denial. All that exercise didn't help....so, today is the beginning of a new day) Taking hypertension meds, apparently, is like converting to some religion. The minute you leave or stop, its death....ie, there's no turning back.

Didn't pass out in Pump. FPI called me fatboy in class, and quickly covered his tracks by saying "oh it's only his nickname"..... duhhh, yar, like anyone would actually BE NAMED FATBOY. Oh, before the class started, FPI played that song, THIS IS THE MOMENT, from Jekyll and Hyde. As expected, the plebs all said, ERRR YERRR, what kind of music is this, why so drama one.

Saturday morning, after getting the greenlight from doctor to do high impact exercises, headed for body step.....again, FSI lived up to his expectation, so much so LIONHEART and another woman were complaining about the squats. Which baffles me. Aren't they his regulars? Don't they know about his squat fetish by now? Surely it cannot be new to them.....FSI...FAMOUS SQUAT INSTRUCTOR....great class as always.

Brought baby boy to the bookshop, after gym. Older two had plans of their own. Then had a massage in the afternoon, to prepare myself for THIS:

It was godson's birthday party at McDonalds. My plan was initially to dump them there and go jalan jalan in the Curve, until I found out we were supposed to have dinner with family at the organic shop in Bangsar Village later.....so I decided to have my fill of junk food. Still managed to pop over to Borders. Kids had whale of a time at the McDs. Godson's REAL birthday cake, from the shop, was the one below:

In the end, we had dinner at DELICIOUS, the cafe component of Ms Read. I think their motto is, "let us fatten you, then you can buy our clothes".

Sunday, usual, church. Was meant to be helping out with the Projector, and PC, but coz of daughter's situation, couldn't attend rehearsals on Thursday. Just as well, I might have fallen asleep, as the selection of songs was a tad sombre. Very very sombre. All adagio.

Kids didn't go to church, since daughter not 100% yet, and the rest won't go unless the leader goes. Had romantic sweltering coffee shop lunch with wife, sharing the table with another man. Almost forgot I usually go for step on sunday afternoon; but made it on time anyway. Mike wasn't working, but stars must have been smiling on instructor, as everyone seemed to know what they were doing, just by hand signals, and watching him. In fact, it was one of the most coordinated step classes I'd ever seen. No new comers either la.

Had lovely dinner at Zipangu, Shangri La, utilising the Shang Card. Very worth it, for both of us, with pan seared foie gras, teppenyaki tenderloin, seafood fried rice, grilled mackerel, spider maki, only RM100!!!! Better utilise card more before she pops.


yhsmom said…
How strange... No comments!
SKL said…
I know. BTW her name is Amber Chia ie. Guess model and practically endorsing all products in Msia now. Do ppl wear bikini tops to gym? KSL
fatboybakes said…
whats how strange, yhsmom?

and KSL, yalar, i know her name is amber chia...hence the reference to the traffic light color, amber. she looks so slutty in those gym pics, i am truly amazed.
Anonymous said…
Tiger also in denial. You just reminded me to check my BP. With all the food that you are eating, I bet your cholesterol is also high!!
fatboybakes said…
With all the food I'm eating? hmm, another urban myth. contrary to popular belief, i eat at home 5 out of 7 days, and usually its fairly healthy. roasts and steamed, and brown rice, are the order of the day, and always with lots of veggies. the other myth is that i'm out partying all the time. partying and drinking!!!! hey, tiger, i recall you said you've been on cholestrol meds for the last 10 years...(and this was when i met you like 5 years back???) still ah? i hear there's lots of good benefits to popping lipitor like candy. my uncle, a cardiologist, says diet is only 15% of the cause of high LDL...so if LDL readings are bad, and factoring in the 15%, better start popping lipitor. true ah? but i think very expensive leh, lipitor here. cant afford to eat it yet.
Anonymous said…
fb> had no idea my workmanship was so bad until one of the bible study fellas pointed at the ducks and said, WHAT ARE THESE?

Jer> you mean the two yellow thingie are ducks at Pond izit?...I couldn't figure out also and thought they looks like bird's boo boo or something. (Anyway, it 2D in photo). Well! perhaps it is not so much the shape but rather the colour u have choosen!;o)

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