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I think I need to keep a palm to jot down my daily happenings. 4 days later, and I have NO recollection of any particular events happening. Okay, I must have gone for step at 1, because I always do. Yes, I did. Body step at lunch time. Oh, yar, roti canai in the morning with the kids. The fact that they all suffered gastro entritis(sp?)...vomitting and diarrhoea and fever 2 days later, made me think initially it might have been a bad dollop of dahl, or cultured sambal....but there seems to be a bug going around.

Body step, with FSI, on thursday was as usual, great. (talk about biased!). As usual, lots of squats, WHICH actually proved quite useful later, because, I had to use the squat loo no less than three times before the day was over, as I too was having diarrhoea. Now, in malls like 1 utama, it is safer I reckon to use the squat loos, as there is no direct skin contact with any of the toilet bowls. At times like THIS, I kinda wished I lived in a developed country, where public toilets are nice and dry. My greatest phobia about squat loos is dropping my wallet or handphone or CAR KEYS into it.

Spent the afternoon at Godma's house gambling and eating the most divine fried meehoon. I dunno how she does it. It must be that special touch and a dose of love.

Brought the kids to 1 utama at night, which was where I had to make my deposit in the squat loo.


Cant recall the entire morning of Friday. Must have gone to Bangsar Village or something, to shop for the gambling session later that night. In the evening, I brought the kids (only no 1 & 2, since no 3 was having some kind of bulimia .... which was the beginning of the bug for the other two) to the lake gardens as they wanted to feed the ducks.

Conversation with boy :
Me: Hey, I used to bring you guys here all the time when you were kids.

Boy : Huh? We ARE kids. Have you lost your mind?

Precocious brat.

Anyway, there was only one lone duck, and a herd? flock? gathering? pod? of geese, hanging out, so they ended up feeding mainly the terrapins, fish, and the lone duck. Actually, ever since getting addicted to group exercise classes, I hardly breathe the fresh air of the lake gardens, and treat my eyes to the verdant greenery, and the tranquil surrounds. Must re-institute that routine. When new baby arrives....I shall bring her for walks, like I did for the other three. Actually, more like for the older two only. By the time no 3 came, the novelty had worn out.

Gambling night encore - since the gambling I hosted on day 3 was too large to be personal, in honor of Bangkok Lawyer I decided to host another one, just for old friends. By this time, of course the brouhaha over the 11 old flers who were playing mahjong in Balakong who were arrested and shaved bald, had made headlines. So, in order to protect the identities of the culprits all photos have been blurred, and for the record, it was purely recreational, mind sharpening mental arithmetic, and NOT gambling.

The other thing I decided to try to make were pin wheel currypuffs, since we had some left over curry. So after Body Pump, rushed back to prepare the curry puffs and tuna puffs for the guests. Overestimated my skill and underestimeated the time available, so when the first guest arrived, I was still in my shorts and singlet, dripping with sweat.

Body pump was replaced by Roland, as FPI probably still eating char kueh teow somewhere in Penang. Also, finally met the legendary LIONHEART, who pumps more steel than an steel mine in ....which country produced iron ah?

The curry puffs were well received. For a first hurried attempt, I'd say it was a passable. The problem is, the recipe is by a local cook, and his description.....a bit inarticulate. But I've figured out how to get more layers in the pinwheel, so watch out for the next curry puff instalment. Also people complained about the curry filling. Yeah, well, I made the pastry to finish the leftover curry, so the filling was....... leftovers. But filling is very subjective. I reckon this pastry would go well with a taugeh, chicken and chive filling too. Wife made tong yuen, freshly prepared out of a frozen pack from the supermarket.

Moving along, to

DAY 7 - Everybody's Birthday, Yun Yutt.

Gambling at KSL's house, loverly home brewed coffee by Mr KSL. Brought over a durian poppy seed cake for the benefit of Bangkok Lawyer.
Turned out to be quite a profitable session. The losses to date have now been reduced to almost break even I reckon.

Nothing exciting the rest of the weekend. Body Combat on Saturday evening, and Body Step Sunday afternoon. Back-up singing in church service, had to be there at 8am.


HL said…
do you know that you could probably easily untweak all ur blurred out photos, revealing all and sundry to anyone who cares to match faces to an admission...
jaytea said…
purely recreational, mind sharpening mental arithmetic?

my nephew tells his parents that he's going over to poh-poh's house to improve his arithemetics and cantonese :-P
fatboybakes said…
yar wat, aitelyu with all these local blackjack rules, it can get very confusing. 1 ace with two cards is 1 or 11, then subsequently becomes 1 or 10, like an ace, nine and two is actually 21 and not 22....
REMIX said…
Publish more of food photos!!! :-D
fatboybakes said…
i forgot to take a lot of photos of food la. too preoccupied with mental arithmetic and fast calculation.
shades said…
U didn't go to Kajang for mahjong meh? Maybe they will shave your goatee for free too...
fatboybakes said…
de goatee is gone by the way. again, there was no comment from de wife, so i dunno if she noticed it was there to begin with, and gone again.

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