Hot Hot Hot

The Malay word describes it most aptly. Bahang. It's that kind of oppresive heat emanating from a dying fire. I could sweat just sitting in the massage chair, without having to move an inch. I shan't describe the visuals of it, but suffice to say, the bum and thigh area of the seat was doused in perspiration.

Had a very enjoyable lunch with ex FCI. (the one who is no longer teaching). Chatted for nearly 2 hours, topics ranging from gym, to movies, to scuba diving, to theatre. I really miss his classes. Yup, longest lunch break I've taken in a while. Contrary to popular belief. I usually eat alone. All by myself.

Online gym schedule showed replacement instructor for the usual wednesday combat slot, so I started making alternative plans. My first choice was to go for RPM with FPI, in DU, but of all the days, he was not teaching yesterday, coz he had already replaced an earlier class. Then I thought, ah, why not go jogging in lake gardens. Then there was a radio warning that with this kind of heat, avoid ALL outdoor activity. Roll eyes. Then I thought, oh, FSI is teaching at 6.45pm, but the problem is, I had to be in in laws place by usually around 8.15pm for weekly Kajang dinner. And knowing how packed his classes were, I thought I shouldn't deprive his legion of adoring women fans from staying the entire hour.

Anyway, thanks to yhsmom, who like shades, accused me of making excuses, (GOSH, SINCE WHEN DID I BECOME ACCOUNTABLE TO THESE PEOPLE, HAHAHAHAH!!!) i hauled my overheated ass to MRB, and bumped into FSI and Nick at the cafe in the foyer. I intended just to do some treadmill and weights (which I hate doing), and was telling them about my moral dilemma of enrolling for class knowing I'd have to leave before the end. Nick said, "it's okay watttt, as long as you stay for at least 2/3rds"....well, that settled that then.

As it turns out, Lil Alvin WAS teaching afterall, apparently some mix up or something, AND not only that, was giving out angpows!!!! Sheeeesh. Of all the times to miss combat. Anyway, after much protest, I managed to get the ang pow of him anyway. Shameless am I not. Considering my own criterion for dispensing of angpow is the recipient has to be a Virgin AND unemployed.

True to form, FSI's class was packed, with estrogen. At first I was the only male, (apart from FSI), and with all that estrogen in the room, drowning our testosterone, I could almost feel myself growing breasts. Had combat finished on time, I'd have managed to stay for 5/6th of the class. As it turns out, I had to leave after track 9. what's 9 out of 12? oh, 3/4. Better than 2/3rds.

As usual squats galore. And all of a sudden it hit, like an oncoming train. That inevitable remark. FSI announced to the women that he was informed by a member that squats were useful especially for the squatting toilet in shopping centres. There was a round of giggles, and then, he acknowledged, THANK YOU FATBOY (sic) FOR THAT FEEDBACK.

Arrived in Kajang at 8.20pm. Still not late. Bro in law arrived shortly afterward so wasn't late for dinner. Kids still not 100% well. Boy no1 still no appetite. Girl still having slight diarrhoea. Bizarre.


yhsmom said…
Does "Gorgeous FSI" read this blog?
fatboybakes said…
occasionally he pops in i think. why? its all complimentary wart...
yhsmom said…
Hi Gorgeous FSI! Sorry I missed you at D's CNY party!
fatboybakes said…
I doubt he pops into the comments section larrrr.....

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