Last Weekend Of Chinese New Year & Diarrhea Revisited

Daughter got admitted to hospital this morning for diarrhea and vomitting. Which happened suddenly since last night. Poor girl, has the full works, joint pains, fever, etc. Running the blood tests to see if its dengue again. Those of you who remember, the last admission was so traumatic because of the administration of the drip, when they couldn't find her vein, and she had to be jabbed several times. This time round though, her favourite pediatric surgeon, (the same one who worked on her scar on her forehead) administered the drip, and it seemed painless enough. The youth of today.....I don't recall in our childhood ever being admitted so regularly, and I don't think I've ever been on the drip before. But let us not speak too soon. Anyway, she's under observation, and hopefully, will sleep. Amazing, one night of sleep deprivation, vomitting and the runs, and she looks like one dress size smaller. Poor girl. Thank you all who have been praying for her.

Dreary monday aside, the weekend was quite okay. Went for usual FPI's class on Friday evening. No Bible study, so met up with friend to accompany him for dinner, at Opus....watched In Her Shoes, a comedy by Cameron Diaz, Toni Collette and Shirley McLaine. Largely a chick flick, but rather entertaining.

Saturday, usual coffee shop outing with the kids... wondering if that might have lead to the diarrhea, but no one else seems to have gotten it. Had two open houses to attend in the evening, so I thought I'd bake something, as it was quite cool weather, and also, I had to use up some surplus sour cream that I had. For the 1st open house, made my usual Orange Mocha Choc Brownie,

where the gambling table was also quite kind to me. Managed to swing the gambling status thus far from a break even or losing a bit, to a clean profit. Also, talk about addiction, had to sneak out midway during the festivities to go for body combat. Luckily the open house was nearby the gym, so managed to get away relatively unnoticed. Not a bad class; replaced by Myke, who's classes I'm beginning to enjoy more and more. He's been taking a fair few replacement classes in MJH/MRB.

For the 2nd open house, I had a sneaking suspicion that baking disciple, Kung See Lai, MIGHT be making the same orange mocha brownie, so I decided to try something different, and made the Nigella Lawson Choc Fudge Cake. Made before, but I used a different icing this time, as the one prescribed in the recipe is WAYYYYY TO BUTTERY AND SWEET.

Anyway, my suspicions and worst fear were confirmed when I arrived and found out, AIYO, REALLY LAH, the disciple HAD indeed baked her now signature brownie....... the hostess decided to embellish it with mandarin orange decorations, to show that it was an orange brownie. I tasted neither creation, hers nor mine, so I have no idea how they stacked up, but suffice to say, it's should taste pretty different, both in texture and in taste.

Had to do some "national service" and be the banker for a table with pretty small stakes, and pretty small players. Better not say too much lest I get arrested and shaven bald.

Sunday...brought american friend to church. Cab had dropped him off at the wrong church, nearby. Had a pleasant lunch at the golf club; wanted to bring him for ipoh kueh teow in Tengkat Tong Shin, but the slackers were closed, prolly coz of chap goh mei. Managed to get to body step JUST in time. Very stressful, all this class chasing.

Chap goh mei dinner with in laws, which was when daughter started throwing up.


jaytea said…
kesian cy kecil. could you please tell her that auntie jt remembered her in prayer, and hopes she continues to be brave.
also happy happy valentines day for her.
take good care of the mrs. make sure she rests well.
fatboybakes said…
i will, thank you auntie jt. she's still in there, much better today, but cannot be discharged yet.

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