No Loo To Go To

The toilet in the office yesterday was under repairs and we couldn't use it. More specifically, the septic tank was under repair. You often take these things for granted, that there is easy access for you to relieve your bladder, as and when you feel like it, etc etc. Anyway, fortunately, by 12.30pm, I was out of the office, for some appointments. Actually, was with ex FCI on some work related matter. Which dragged all the way until 3pm, so was spared the agony of holding it back. By the time I got back to the office at 3pm, I had totally forgotten the loo was out of bounds, and at about 4.00pm, went to relieve the call of nature. So, didn't flush. The last thing the workers at the septic tank need would be torrents of water gushing down.

Decided not to go to the gym today, and give the old bones a rest. My left elbow seems to be hurting, for a few days now. Actually, I keep forgetting I have passport, and keep forgetting there's Body Attack at Axis on Mondays at 5.30!!! Must go next week.

Since we were going out for dinner, as usual, felt it my parental duty to spend some time with the kids before abandoning them for the night, so brought them swimming at the Selangor Club nearby. Bumped into a friend, who asked me, "Going to the gym?" (he meant the club gym). Actually, translated, I think he meant, "YOU LOOK LIKE YOU NEED THE GYM. AREN'T YOU GOING THERE?"

Headed to Wong Poh for dinner with friends, who were exceedingly late. The place is famous for its nga pou butter crabs. Very the yummy, albeit a bit small. And their la las...I reckon they're mutants. For some reason, I couldn't get a clear shot, despite using the "flower" mode on the camera. Very exasperating, especially when looking at masak masak's gorgeous food pics.

Anyway, there was the glams couple who live in San Francisco...dinner was in honor of them, as they leave on Wednesday. Accompanying were Mr Director of Merchant Bank, and pretty lawyer wife, who works as a hobby, and another friend, who I dunno how to describe without saying too much. Hot chick lah, suffice to say. Got everything, beauty, brains, bucks.

Me and Friends From Frisco. Wife originally in pic, but she even shyer than me, and would kill me for displaying her pic here.

The mutant la las (unfocused)

Butter crab. Cholestrol nightmare. Crab Roe, drowned in Butter Sauce.

On a SEPARATE issue, backtracking a bit, I have been accused on someone's blog of favouritism, not in so many words, so let it be written, so let it be done, and let the record show, that there was a picture of the kid with him.


shades said…
that's because he came in and thought I was FCI!!!

Some more you took a coupls of pictures of him with your offsprings... I got it by chance and FSI got NONE...

Admit it, you love FCI more...
boo_licious said…
Didn't know you had another blog. So sweet of you to mention me hence I found this.

Nah, your hand must have been shaking with hunger hence the pix of the lalas was unfocused. It's been ages i.e. a few years since I ate at Wong Poh! Yes, the claypot butter crabs are yummy.
yhsmom said…
Aiyah! My dear Sahdes, didn't you hear them addressing each other as "Dad" and "Son"? That explains everything doesn't it?

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